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Hallo Leute!

Gosh, it's so quiet here, I guess those 3dfx days are really getting old.
Anyway, I've recently built a setup around a V3-2000 PCI and it'all peachy as long as I keep the fsb at 133 mhz. As soon as I put it at 166, the computer boots to windows 95% of the time, and then gets stuck within maximum 30 minutes, both with Windows 98 SE or Windows XP PRO SP3.
Here's the rest of the setup:

AsRock K7S8XE
Athlon XP 3000+ (fsb 166)
2*1 gig DDR PC 2700 (A-Data Technology)
Soundblaster 128 PCI
ExcelStore Technology J360 hard drive
Powercolor ATI Radeon 9200 Pro

I've changed the CPU and put an Athlon 2400 (fsb 133) and it's 100% stable.

Earlier efforts to troubleshoot:

  • Swapped athlon xp 3000 for another athlon xp 3000: same results: stable with fsb @ 133, crashes with fsb @ 166.

  • Removed v3-2000 and set fsb @ 166: no problem.

  • Removed soundblaster and kept v3-2000: same problem  

  • Tried V3-2000 in my Dell XPS 8100 (Intel® Core™ i7-860 Processor
    (8M Cache, 2.80 GHz)) under win xp pro 32b: crashes after a while

Have you guys ever seen anything like this?

Let me know!

following my unsuccessful attempts are getting my Voodoo 1's to run on my P3 1440 S, I would like to know the details of some working configs.

Could you please leave them here.

Useful info would be:

CPU: Multiplier, FSB
Motherboard: Brand, Model, Revision, BIOS, Socket (Slocket if used)
RAM: Frequency and Timings
OS: DOS, Windows
3dfx drivers: as detailed as possible

Thank you for your input. This could be useful to many.
In case you've missed this.

Feel free to relocate the post in a more appropriate section if needed.


Hi there, and happy Snake year for those who are concerned.

Just got 2 Voodoo 1 on the [too] cheap:
 * One A-Trend Helios 3D
 * One Diamond Monster 3D

To celebrate, I put an old 10 gig hard drive in my old computer (p3-s 1400, 512 meg sdram on MSI 6309, Matrox Mystique 2meg) and installed Win95 (b or c).
Why Win95? Because I never managed to get Ultimate Race Pro running properly under Win 98 or later and I also wanted to run Screamer 2 and Screamer Rally (DOS).

As usual, I also installed Supreme Snowboarding, which is for me the best game to test if a Voodoo card works ok (used it with great success with V2, V2-SLI mismatched, V3pci and V5 (pci and agp)).

The Diamond monster does not even get detected. Some connectors on the PCI port have been redone and there's a scratch on the pcb on the back side. I give up on that one for now.

The A-Trend Helios 3D is seen by the bios during POST, detected by Windows 95 and the drivers installed with no complaint.


 * In Device Manager, under the 3dfx property pages, there is no information about the driver version.

 * Supreme Snowboarding: before starting, there's a configuration screen in which you choose the 3d engine, then the card, then the resolution.
If I choose DirectX 6 or 7, I can then choose the Mystique and the resolution.
If I choose Glide, then there is only the Voodoo card (normal), but there are no resolution available (list is blank).

 * I tried other old Windows glide games (Dethcarz, Croc) and they don't start in Glide, some of them give me "wingrSstOpen failed" (or similar).

 * Under DOS, for Screamer Rally, the configuration detects both the Mystique and the Voodoo, but if I start the voodoo version, I get the following error message: "grSstOpen failed".
I tried that:!topic/ No luck so far.
I have tried all the glide2x.ovl that I have (6 different versions: some complained that there was no voodoo, some gave me the grsst crap, one got me a messed up screen: this one makes me think the card is not dead).

Anyone has any idea? Is this Voodoo also dead? Hardware conflicts?
Wrong drivers? Wrong Glide settings in autoexec?

I do not have any older motherboard to try the cards but I have a Soltek 75drv5 mobo. I also have smaller SDRAM sticks and an ATI Rage (pci).

I will try with a fresh install of win98se later this week to see what Supreme snowboarding says. In the mean time, feel free to suggest your Voodoo troubleshooting tips.

General Discussions / xen hypervisor?
18 December 2012, 07:48:41
Hi guys, what do you think of this?

What I understand is that, basically, you can end up with a Linux Host  and a Windows Guest that uses real VGA hardware. Catch my drift?

I recently inherited the following combo: Sempron 2600 (1.6GHz) on MS-7032 v1.0. I thought it would be a good platform to receive my voodoo 5 5500 pci (mac card flashed to pc).
I set up Win Xp Pro Version 2002 SP3 and Win 98 se and was a bit surprised by the apparent low performances.
So I ran some benchmarks (3d mark 2001 se).

The results:

AMD Sempron 2600+ (1.6Ghz, L2 cache 128kb)
MSI MS-7032 (k8t-neo-v 1.0, bios 5.1)
1GB DDR 400
Driver: Amigamerlin 3.0 for Voodoo 5500 PCI/DVI (tried later with 3.1 too)

3d mark2001 se v330
Win Xp Pro Version 2002 SP3
With one chip only ===> 1240 3D marks
 default, 2 chips enabled===> 1300 3D Marks

Tried again with Win 98se, with amigamerlin 2.5, all default settings: 1400 3D marks

From the very little difference with one and 2 chips activated,  I thought there was a problem with the card. So I later tried it in an old p3-s 1.4 on ms-6309 with 512 meg SDRAM 133, on which I also have a V5 5500 AGP.
The OS on the p3 machine is WIn98SE +unofficial service pack, driver is Amigamerlin 2.5:

3d mark 2000
V5 PCI: 4708
V5 AGP: 4742

3d mark 2001
V5 PCI: 1907
V5 AGP: 2186

The difference here between the AGP and the PCI is very small, so I concluded that the PCI card is fine.

What do you think the problem is with the sempron+ v5 pci configuration? I have since tried sfft drivers, latest amigamerlin 3.1 R1 drivers and still get the same low result.
Anybody has the same or a similar configuration? Am I missing something obvious in the bios maybe?
Could it be the small cache of the sempron? or just bad luck with hardware compatibility?