my half-functional agp 4x - 2x adapter..

Started by IceFire, 01 December 2006, 20:07:27

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sure, i will watch when im back home - i'm in holidays in paris until the 8. august.
when i'm back, i will take a close look ;)

some questions:
-why pins A3 and A11? - theres no word about them in my agp pin out page...
well, i just read about them - i would say they're from no importance cause they force agp 3.0 mode...agp 2.0 is enough ;)

-do u know what have to be supplied to the C2 + C3 pin?

i tried some modifications on the vref agp(a66 & b66) pin, but they did not work :(
i read something about a resistor network, but i dont know anymore what it exactly was...

i also have a blank v5 pcb (both vsa100 removed, that might help...

i think my new riser card might already be at home ;)

one thing left i dont understand...
why the hell on earth does my adapter work on a agp2x board but not on a agp 8x board?!?

can u tell me what you're planning to do?
the pins p2 + p3 are the important ones, i think.
an agp 8x card also works with the vref (66a, b) pins disabled (i made some tape over it), i tried that....
the typedet pin is only checked on agp universal boards, so i don't think it is important to change it.
so i think we'll have to modify the pins p2 + p3 to signalize the vsa-100 that they should use the 1,5v signal level. but i don't know how to do. do you have icq? it would be a bit easier to share some technical details ;)
the location of those pins is somehow a bit unmanageably ....


sorry, made a mistake, have to check again...
yes, they're shorted together (p2, p3) and are also connected to the top end of r37, c33, r36.
im not able to check vsa-100 #2 - the pins are too damaged :/

but as i already said, i think the typedet pin is not the solution cause it is usually only checked by motherboards with agp universal bus....

but i think by connecting pin a2 to gnd, we'll force the motherboard to set the signal level to 1,5v -that might be the reason why it does not work with your card....
as you said, on your powercolor it worked to connect a2 to gnd to set the agp voltage to 1,5V and agp 4x. but we know that the v5 has problems with agp 4x mode (due to more than 1 device on the agp bus) and requires agp2x mode...

a good news: my new riser has arrived, i start doing stuff 2morrow!!!111

one thing i can try is to connect the a2 pin at my v5 with one vsa-100 chip - it may work cause there's only one device at the agp bus.



Yes, for the Powercolor cards this is the modding in order to get the card running at 1.5V !

any result with the new riser ?
( Btw., where did u get such a riser and how much did u payd for it )

We need to get some AGP2PCI adapters....i will love to have my V5 6000 on a new Platform !
Follow your dreams !


i've got my risers from ebay germany:

this is the one i've bought:

it works with no problems...
it might be possible that i buy this riser and send it to you....
in witch contry do you live?

an idea for the agp2pci-adapters:

this could be very interssting - but we'll have to modify it...

yes, how do we continue....
i have no idea at all how to solve this dual-chip problem... :(

i now tested a v5 agp in the a2 pin adapter and found out that no device is listed in the device manager.

kk... let us ask hank :D


Hank ! where are u ?
We need your help !
Follow your dreams !