Thanks to all here in the forums

Started by TheJohnKerrys, 27 April 2010, 11:04:37

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I just wanted to thank the admins and users of this forum for keeping the 3dfx gear alive after all these years...This past week i busted out all my old gear and rebuilt my computer from back in the day.I couldnt have done it without this website an lots of rum&cokes,brainstorming & rembering all the crap about legacy OS(98se) that i forgot!!But its done and working well..If i can find the cable for my camera ill have a video made soon and some pics for here and screwtube.


DFI K6XV3+/66 socket 7
AMD k6-2 500afx
384mb pc-100 ram
soundblaster CT4170 isa
Matrox g200/mil agp 8mb
Diamond monster voodoo2 8mb
winsys 300 psu(12v+ 18amp)
sil ata133 pci/ide card
maxtor ata100 20gb


Thats why we are here, to help people like you.


UPDATES: I just picked up a Voodoo 5 5500 2x agp card for 50$USD today..Says its untested because he doesnt have an agp slot iam taking a chance but what the hell..I picked up a K6-3 450 cpu too for 15$USD off ebay after forgetting that the K6-2 doenst have L2 on chip and uses slow on motherboard L2.I also found drivers for the maxi gamer banshee i have from the makers website.I also found me voodoo3 2000 agp,and a bunch of P3 i might just do another build with a p3 tualatin 1.4 and one of the cards.I have tons of GPu's..ive never got rif of them so i have alot of stuff i have to go thu..and just for giggles i found one of my fav cards..ATI's RAGE FURY MAXX!!Still works too!!Iam a packrat.:D