Windows XP corrupted GUI when using sfft1.6/1.7

Started by Coldfire, 03 November 2011, 17:59:04

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well thats it. this occurs randomly, but specially after changing a video mode or when some program is tryying to use a DX9 feature, in a window or in fullscreen. and some times the problem appears at system startup.
that "corruption" consists in:
absolutely ridiculous mouse corsor driving
wrong shadows
corrupted icons.

well this is my system:

compaq deskpro EN worsktation:
i820 motherboard with riser
p3 667
256mb rambus RDRAM
200w power supply:

other hardware:
awe 64 soundcard
intel 8255 NIC
windows XP SP3 wth all updates.

Target games: quake 1, 2, 3, MOHAA, Unreal Tournament, Diablo II, half life, Counter strike, NFS3, MCM2, MTM2, Serious Sam.

all these games runs very well(MOHAA and UT runs very nice)
thanks for your help:D


thanks a lot dude. i will try them :)  
also, i will post this in sfft feedback