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Started by omega_supreme, 21 February 2004, 19:57:40

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Rolo01 i have a question for you, at least if you still come around here. I am looking for a specific monitor for my voodoo 6000 system. The monitor I'm talking about is the SONY GDM FW900. In my own country (netherlands, next to germany) it isn't sold anymore. Do you know if they are still sold in germany? I did some searching myself but i didn't get much of a result. So if you see one of these 24" beast [8D]around could you send me a link of the store.

24" Sony GDM FW900

thx [|)]


Hi omega_supreme

This ,monitor rocks ! ;)

Here is a link , where you can buy it :




thank you very much sloomy [8D]That was just what i needed. I was getting desperit, couse i could'nt find it anywhere. Not so expensive in your country too ;)




Hey Cool to see your active here, i know you from the voodoo6000 resource site. I like you 6K alot man! I have the voodoovolt now too but then the rev. A without the logo. Do you have a higher resolution if this beast for my picture collection. :)


all the best to find your Voodoo 5 6000 Rev 1 Omega.
its a great thread to see alot of 6000 owners here :)
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Note me as a happy V5-6000 owner as well.

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Have you found the board that suits you best gdonovan?


QuoteOriginally posted by omega_supreme

Have you found the board that suits you best gdonovan?

Not yet, been busy playing with Mercury this week.

I need to find a KT-333 board that supports a 3000+ Barton, just have not had the time. A new one would be best, not many vendors selling them though.

I have a nice rack-mount case picked out for it already =)


MSI KT3 Ultra2 with a bios update max athlon xp3000 333FSB..


Just need a place to purchase one now, looking around it doesn't look like anyone has one for sale new in the states.



Some other mobos :

ps : A mobo KT333 (new) is not easy to find now...

In-ter-ac-tive :
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I know its not really a shop but maybe you want to have a look at this auction (if you hav'nt already):
It says brand new and retail boxed. This is the board that was tested as best mainboard for v5 6000. I hope you will find the right board for you 6K, i was less lucky [V]


I think you people have forgotten something. Every Single KT333 chipset does support an FSB up to 166 MHz. Even higher with OC'ing. BĂșt the southbridge couldn't agree with that :( So on every revision 2 KT333 board, there is an 166 FSB sollution, that works perfectly.

Also, there are some Rev 1 boards who also work flawlessly with 166 MHz FSB. My MSI KT3 Ultra ARU. That is infact the predessor of the KT3 Ultra AR 2, There might be some more.

Anyway, If you have an Revision 2 KT333 mainboard, 166 MHZ FSB is supported, due to a better and new southbridge. (The same a KT400 has frankly ;))
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