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Voodoo4/5 Discussions / 3dfx voodoo 5 6000
16 November 2004, 09:44:45

another 6k owner :D

Voodoo4/5 Discussions / Hello to all! :)
21 March 2004, 12:45:34
hello and welcome!

mine is a 2700 rev2 - with power rework done by hank AND i`ve added the internal power hook ups - it still in use on my sons machine!
the original radeon , had HW TnL

but the 7000 doesn`t :(
Voodoo4/5 Discussions / v56k project :)
06 March 2004, 13:35:42
the ram chips on mine are coded :


that says to that they are Hyundai , with a rating of 5.5ns = 183mhz.

can anyone find any more info on them? and any possible replacements?

oh and does hank still post here?
General Discussions / Tell me your 3dfx cards!
06 March 2004, 09:41:15
i have:

voodoo graphics 4 meg (pci)
2 x powercolor voodoo2 12 meg in sli (pci)
voodoo3 2000 (agp)
voodoo 3 3000 (agp)
voodoo5 5500 (pci)
voodoo5 6000 (agp) rev 2 , 2700

i want an aalchemy 5 subsystem , maybe hank can help me here ;)
Voodoo4/5 Discussions / v56k project :)
05 March 2004, 20:23:33
i have a project that i would LOVE to do....

double the ram on my 6k!

the vsa 100 core can address 64 megs per chip - so i would love to do that to mine (de solder the ram , resolder new chips and give it a new bios that can use all of the ram)

anyone here have the knowledge / skill to do it?

have a check out there

mine is a rev 2 board (2700) , and although the holes were there for the internal hook up , i needed to mod it for it to use them..

nope , its one of the last revisions - its got the `mark2` external power supply , and the etra piece of pcb , but doesn`t have the internal power hook ups.
General Discussions / ago > pci adapter
01 March 2004, 11:10:12
i remember that a 6k was tested using one of hese on a modern motherboard - well i have acces to an A64 machine , and would like to throw my 6k in there to see how it does BUT i need one of these adapters ; where do i get one from?
General Discussions / greetings all!
29 February 2004, 17:10:37
well , its presently running winxp , with DX9.0b and the AM 3.0 drivers


its only running in 16bit colour on games - forced 32bit causes lock ups ; and although the fill rate says its running all 4 chips (980 m/texels) the speed just isn`t there .

the old 1.04.01 beta ran faster :(

oh and UT crashes :(
General Discussions / greetings all!
29 February 2004, 15:26:03

check out the date on that project ;)

its my sons machine so i might re install winme
General Discussions / greetings all!
29 February 2004, 13:54:15
a long time no see to all of those who know me - and huge congrats to the continued developement of 3dfx drivers!

glad to see koolsmokey , amigamerlin , colourless , and of course hank are all still about!

now some good news :- for anyone that remembers , i thought that my v56k was toast after my kt333 motherboard went bang about a year ago - well i was wrong ; as today i re installed it in my sons machine!

so a few questions : which are the best drivers to use now? im using amiga`s 3.0 final atm , but there isn`t any 32bit colour - and 3d performance seems low , even though the fill rate is arond 980 m/texels per sec in 3dmark , im about 1000 points down on the last time i benched.... so all 4 chips are running , as the fill rate shows - but its just slow.

any ideas?

maybe its just the card - its a rev 2700 , with the rework for the power done by hank , 2 years ago ;)

oh and if you want another beta tester - drop me a line! i`ve still got the bench results for one of the very first driver sets for the v56k that worked in 4 chip mode in winxp (thx kool!)