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No it wouldn't.

What's his face over there does have a point when it comes to driver branding.
General Discussions / 3dfx Rampage
27 July 2004, 03:25:00
QuoteOriginally posted by vykupitel

QuoteOriginally posted by lecram25

The one in eastern europe is back in the US to be repaired, and that's where it'll stay.

Why most of american people thought that Czech republic is in Eastern Europe? You don't have geography at school? Czech republic is in Central Europe. But I undestand that Europe is smaller than America,but is good to know where is lies than you locate it to somewhere. ;)

Some people from Europe are allergic on it. ;)

BFD, it's not western europe, so it's eastern europe. The term "central europe" isn't really an official name; not widely used. That's why I refered to the czech republic as "eastern europe". And yes, I know about Hank's connection to

QuoteP.S. BTW the Rampage was borrowed from Hank. He is in someway connected with our small country.

Arch is right. You'd need to change the fans if you'd plan on running the VSA chips at 183. Remember amp that the Voodoo 3 3500 runs at 183MHz stock. Anyways, I know a certain someone who runs a 6k at 200MHz stock...
Off Topic / Hello World
26 July 2004, 08:47:08
Indeed :D
Off Topic / Hello World
26 July 2004, 01:18:49
QuoteOriginally posted by ArchAngelCD

That is no way to treat a new member, is it?
I respect him for trying to communicate...

I am happy you joined this forum ZEPELIN.

Twas a joke arch, hence the smiley.
Off Topic / Hello World
25 July 2004, 03:13:32

Defeat the capitalist pigs.
Off Topic / Have you recieved email from me?
23 July 2004, 18:03:38
I <3 my email I got from you.

Off Topic / Have you recieved email from me?
22 July 2004, 14:25:03
QuoteOriginally posted by dborca

... and, btw, it's dborca, not dboarca ;)

lol, ownt!
Not to mention that it would really not be worth it.

VSA100 = 128bits SDR
VSA101 = 64bits DDR
Off Topic / Have you recieved email from me?
21 July 2004, 18:59:14
Yeah I got an email from you...
General Discussions / 3dfx Rampage
20 July 2004, 20:10:58
QuoteOriginally posted by ps47

I maybe misunderstood a bit,but you shouldnt act like that anyway.
no comment on that last post of yours from the archive.grow up man..

How did I miss this post[?]

Anyways, what patience/Nightbird said stands here and over at the archive...


I believe those pics are rather old.
General Discussions / 3dfx Rampage
18 July 2004, 19:03:11
QuoteOriginally posted by Rampage

If I understand it correctly, there are three Rampage's

1: In Italy with Sirta (It thought is was Amigamerlin, but that's not the point) It works quite well with the dongle.
2: Somewhere in Eastern Europe is a Rampage, it is working, but it hasn't got a dongle.
3: Somewhere in the USA is a Rampage, but is it ever proved that there is really one?

So 2 Rampage's are working, that's great news!

Damn it, why couldn't nVidia buy 3dfx a month later... than we would have had a lot more clearity.

The one in eastern europe is back in the US to be repaired, and that's where it'll stay.

QuoteOriginally posted by Obi-Wan Kenobi

It would of been better if nVidia didn't 3dfx at all, then we would of been playing with Spectre's and maybe Voodoo5 6000's too.

It's just too bad , that 3dfx is no more, it has nearly been 4 years that 3dfx is not here anymore [B)]

Oh well the only way to enjoy 3dfx now is to collect thier cards and play with them from time to time.

The Rampage would of been a great chip though.

If 3dfx was still around, we'd probably be at Mojo (tiler), or something even more evolved than that...
General Discussions / 3dfx Rampage
16 July 2004, 08:46:53
That's #2 and it's going to be fixed; so no more broken spectres. And no you little boy, they're not names. It's pretty much a way to differentiate the three.

Heaven forbid someone tell them apart.
General Discussions / 3dfx Rampage
15 July 2004, 22:48:27

Anyways, that's rampage #2. #3 is at a certain IHV and #1 is with that italian guy.