hELP ME PLEASE, I am stuck

Started by SSTOCKY, 27 September 2006, 16:45:36

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Thanks for looking.

I have an old Voodoo 3 3500 tvout card that i wish to put into my pc.

My pc is used for business and text apps only, i dont do gaming on it.

Anyway i am looking to stream some TV from the pc to my tv downstairs via a signal sender so wish to use the tv out section.

Can anyone advise me as to which drivers would be best for me to install this card with - I am running Winxp SP2 currently using O/B graphics.

Thanks in advance



my PC:
AMD Athlon64 3200+ - ASUS K8V-Deluxe - 1GB DDR400 - 3DFX Voodoo 5 5500 PCI

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