3DFX Voodoo5 5500 works on PCI-Express !!

Started by jix-reggio, 29 January 2011, 19:29:44

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looks nice, the resolution is great :)
how did you manage to get this hd resolution ? with powerstrip ?
Can you upload your moded driver here ?

I would like to have a moded v5 like yours :)
Follow your dreams !


Before customize, create a restore point.

For a custom driver, edit driver package .inf file,
search for your device ID and char string, update relevant
data, save file and exit, run GPU driver update procedure,
select manual update, have disk, browse to  updated .inf file,
press OK, reboot when required, enjoy customized driver.

For a custom 3dfxtools pannel, create a new 115x87 pixels bitmap,
add to the reference pictures set folder, open tools, open 3dfx color menu,press change bitmap button, select new bitmap, enjoy customized pannel.



Happy new year for all 3dfx fans !

I got some contacts with a
small company for partnership
and hope to finalize a new card
within 2 or 3 months.





Great news Mate !!! thanks for sharing !
what"s happent with your modded voodoo5 ?
Follow your dreams !

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QuoteOriginally posted by jix-reggio

Good news, V5500 Pci-Express runs on Windows 10

Fabulous work, a post describing how you did this and secondly what drivers you used, would be very resourceful ;)

Thanks for posting anyways :)
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Hello Glide and community, and thanks for showing my 3dfx Windows 10  PC.
I just wanted to show my V5 could run on the new OS,
have not enough time to custom,
but maybe power users will find improvments.
No trick on my video.

My machine is based on P5WDH, E7500 and 4 Go DDR2.
As you can see on the attached picture,
the VGA driver gives me 1,7 Go (!)
of shared memory, 2D, and Aero transparency.
Runs smoothly, but standard resolution is limited to 1280*1024.



To test my machine on D3D,
I launched a 3dmark 2000 benchmark.
So what happened ?



keep testing :)
nice video mate !!!!

Merry Christmass to all 3dfx fans !!!
Follow your dreams !


Christmas gift for 3dfx owners.
After testing the Win 10 driver 2D performances
it's time to test GDI on 3D using 3dmark 2000.
Maybe will run, maybe not as the old Voodoo5 XP driver ?

Here is the test :


Hi all, and Merry Christmas :)

Many thanks to jix-reggio for both your valued efforts and strong passion. But this is not new ;)

Of course your latest work is a very big gift for every 3dfx's enthusiast!

I believe any Voodoo5 driver for Windows XP cannot work on Windows 10, but at this moment I prefer to enjoy your gift.

Bye bye


Score 3dm2000



More D3D in this video on 3dm2001.
Unbelievable, but true !


Detailled results for 3dm2001 benchmark


Edit :
I got a better 2075 points with same settings @800x600.
The 800x600 resolution seems to give best chances to run games
with 30 fps.