3DFX Voodoo5 5500 works on PCI-Express !!

Started by jix-reggio, 29 January 2011, 19:29:44

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should be better, due to the bigger fan.
I still don"t understnd how did you fix the card in the vertical case....

more picture please :)
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I use a mezzanine card.

The Motherboard is fastened to the case with spacers, maybe 5mm, and secured with screws.

Remove the screws.
Use the mounting holes of the motherbord.

- If you can, fasten directly the riser into MB mounting holes with  15mm spacers
because 15mm is the height of a plastic pci or agp connector.
Adjust height with washers and secure with screws.

- Plan "B", the riser don't fit MB mounting holes.
Use a mezzanine between MB and riser.

Cut a custom mezzanine plate (steel, plexi, etc) to size.
Drill holes matching with MB mounting holes, fasten with 15mm spacers and washers  to the MB.
Fasten the riser on the mezzanine in the same way with spacers.
Secure with screws.



thanks jix-regio !
Can you post some picture to be more clear ? :)

An i would love a picture of the voodoo without the skull cover to see what"s behind and how did you construct it.
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I cannot dismantle the card now.

A new video with more picts :

And 3dm2000 default bench screen :




From this perspective, it appears more clearly
how integrates the fan in a metal fairing cutted
around the 100mm.
The electrical connections are set and hidden inside.
Small refinements: the fairing as
the perforated plate are black painted
inside to help absorbing
the heat which radiates from the pcb.

A simple mobile pivotal
can give to the fan an angle of 5-10 degrees
in order to eject more hot air out of the case.



   INSIDE THE GK (Glide Killer) BLACK 2014    

Happy ...


Is this board really a "Glide Killer" ?

How many FPS on UT 1280*1024
Glide 16 bits 'Morpheus map'
Caught on Win XP 32 with Amigamerlin 3.11



Looking and working great !
I will buy this adapter too :)
When you open the cooler please make some detailed pictures with the  construction
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Some of my best V5500 "Glide Killer" picts



Jolly Roger flag in an IT services company in France,
does they support my 3dfx mod ?


Waiting for Magical drivers



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Dear Mradu, I'm afraid only SFFT, maybe some other skilled software developpers, could optimize Windows existing drivers or write new drivers.
I just customize a little for fun in the spirit of my mod.



Looks great, can you upload it ?
Anyway, your card looks great ! i love it :D
Follow your dreams !


Like my pannel resolution in full HD 1980*1080p ?

Would you suggest me to sell the mod in an auction
when the next will be finished ?