3dfx Glide Tutorials. Where can I find its?

Started by Xasd, 27 March 2005, 19:43:59

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I want to ask if someone knows where can I find a few good tutorials for programming 3dfx applications in glide. If possible, with examples.

I wanted to program a few 3d scenes in glide to compare it with other API like OpenGL or Direct3D and to remember other programmers how to use glide.

Thanks, a lot


Genises3D has glide support and is a 3D engine


Yes, Genesis 3D is a good engine, is OpenSource and I can find some examples. But I have begining to programm in Glide and I'm searching in the net for some tutorials of how do basic triangles or object in this API and if it's possible with more complex tutorials for the future projects.

If someone knows where I can find its I'll be very happy of this :)