Voodoo3 + High End 3D Applications

Started by Ree, 09 February 2005, 23:13:37

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Hello everyone. I'm new here and have an important question for me. I have a Voodoo3 2000 PCI card and it simply cannot run even 3DS Max 4.2, D3D mode does not work at all, OpenGL works but does not display any textures which makes it useless as well. HEIDI mode (software) is extremely slow so unusable as well. My question is, are there any drivers for my card which would support 3DS Max? I don't need latest max version supported, just 4.2. Please let me know.


current drivers?
operating system?

in the lastest years, both the glide/ogl and d3d cores were updated :)

PS: maybe u need just a driver update...


Current drivers I have voodoo3 v1.07 (latest, non-beta). Win 98 SE.


Well those drivers are more than 4 years old!!!!
Get some of those NON-3dfx drivers, like amigamerlin sfft etc.
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