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Hi guys, :D
this is how looks and how perform Serious Sam SE + MesaFx + a new driver set that should come out for Voodoo2 soon.

Hi guys :D,
just installed a 2 voodoo2 SLI on my system.
This screenshot are taken with a Wickedgl slightly modified by me :).
As you can see the quality is very good.

This is RTCW Enemy territory

and this is Medal of Honour AA

Bye to all
Hello guys,
I have a good notice for you all !!
Wolfenstain Enemy Territory run very well on Voodoo 5 5500 PCI.
Here the proof !! [8D]

Bye to all
Hi to all,
as in subject !! :D
System configuration:
XP300+ - Winxp SP1a - 512DDR - Voodoo5 5500 PCI
resolution 800x600x32 bit FSAA 2X - MESA5.1 Next to be released !!

Ok guys, after spiderman now another game !! Blood Rayne . The pach should be available shortly for the downloading.
Bllod rayne require T&L and PS to start and to be playable.:)
Well I have played the entire demo level with my voodoo 5 5500 PCI at 1024x768x32 bit with 2x FSAA !! at very respectable framerate !! :D

Keep you all tuned on home and english board for downloading !!

Bye to all
Hi guys,
here some nice screenshot.
XP3000+ 512DDR
Voodoo5 5500 PCI
1024x768x32bit 2x FSAA

The quality is simply impressive and the game run quite smoothly !!
This engine is really havoc - Kudos must went to programmers !!

here the settings that I have used for this games:


As object here some screenshot how this game looks with voodoo5 5500
The game is spectacular but is really Heavy !!.
Screenshot are taken from the demo !!

512 MB DDR
Voodoo 5 5500 PCI
MESAFX 5.1 release date 20031106 !!

How you can see not perform too bad !!

Kudos MUST_GO to Daniel and Koolsmoky for another little miracle !!
They are working really hard to make a dream happen !!

Bye to all

Powerd By Voodoo5 6000
Yes the newest game that come out !! This in 1024x768x32 bit with 2xFSAA on my voodoo 5 5500 PCI / DVI :D
My PC: XP3000+ 512MB DDR - WinXP Sp1a - AM3.0 -


Powerd By Voodoo5 6000
General Discussions / AMIGAMERLIN 3.0 - READY !!
02 September 2003, 13:05:13
OK guys,
for all the interested people there are some news.
Amigamerlin 3.0 for voodoo4/5 come out in this days.

Please keeps your eyes on :
//WWW.3DFXZONE.IT home page !!

New Voodoo3 Driver come out (Amigasport 3.0) for xp and shortly after them (MAY_BE) new driver for win98/ME (not remix) ... and not only :D  again after that, a GREAT surprise !!  :D

This month should be really hot !!

Keeps your eyes open !!


As so far many thanks must go to Koolsmoky, Daniel Borca, Hank Semenec, Colourless and all the guys of 3DFXzone Team member.
Also many many thanks must go to all the people of Sourceforge Glide project as Colourless (again :D), Koolsmoky (again :D), Daniel Borca (again :D), Sandro, Overmind, and all the other for the newest glide3x !!!


Powerd By Voodoo5 6000
As promised here some shot with FSAA 4X Enabled in the leve "Big Cathedral".

Bye to all

Powerd By Voodoo5 6000
Hello to all :D

I have benched Serious Sam II in fastest perfomance:
voodoo5 6000
Dual XP 2200+
Amigamerlin 3.0 Beta 5

Serious Sam II Was setted to give best /Max quality setting (enabled from advanced option under Serious Sam menu)

Because of a bug Glide3x Serious Sam II freeze in 2x FSSA .. not in 4X or 8x.

Next time I'll show you some shot with 4X FSSA and 8X FSSA with Showing framerate (in 4x in elephant demo ... about 25 FPS !!).

Ah. ... I forgotten.. sorry for the quality of compression of the images :) but they are a lot!!!

Voodoo4/5 Discussions / NEW DRIVER SOON !!!
26 May 2003, 08:59:08
Hello to everyone !!!
Just today I have received new dll's from the mythical Koolsmoky !! :D. Really good news for the owner of Voodoo5 6k. Now FSAA 2x Works and the bug related to the overbrightness is now nailed, another little miracle.
All the file still in beta but shortly they can be released for you all.
About the new d3d section seem that the bug related to the strange stripes prsent on your desk when exit from UT2003 is on the right way to be resolved.

PS: naturally this files are good for 4500-5500-6000. The compatibility with 3000 is not tested and may be broken [V], sorry for this.


Keep the faith :D.


Powerd By Voodoo5 6000