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Really Impressive job mate !!
Simply Fantastic !!!
General Discussions / 3dfx Interactive inc.
06 February 2013, 17:56:26
Never say never [8D].

:D :D
QuoteOriginally posted by DaMulta

O o O o O they work in the new unreleased o/s "7".

Really a great news !! Thank you for testing !!

Hi, for what I can see the broken Chip is placed on the +V line on the pin 8 of the operational LM358.
This Chip is for cleaning the +V. To know the exact value I should unsolder the Chip on a working board take a measure of it and resolder it back. It' a little bit complicated.

Fortunately I've a little bit of experience ;) in this field and I think the correct Value can be 100nF SMD ceramic Capacitor.
Try this value and let me know.

Be Aware: before changing the chip you have to spot the cause that make the chip blowing out !! This blowing is caused by a Short somewhere in your board.

In the picture I can see a Voltage regulator near the blowed capacitor. I think you have to investigate there because maybe it's in short circuit.

Let me know.
General Discussions / MesaFX
19 July 2006, 11:47:44
QuoteOriginally posted by dborca

QuoteOriginally posted by Mikulaish

Just install Microsoft Visual Studio. The instructions to compile are on the mesa site. You just need to open the workspace and build the dll's.
Not so.  Those are for software rendering.

AFAIK Glide backend does not compile as-is.  I plan to have a look at it in the next few days.

Oh, and will also update Sage.

Wellcome back Dany,... really wellcome back my friend ;).
Ciao C.P.
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We are glad to announce that we have powered our system but doing this task we have lost the last 4 days of forum activities.
Apologizing for the inconvenience, all the guys that can't find their post inserted in the last 4 days should reinsert them again.

Thanks in advance.
QuoteOriginally posted by ps47

is it normal for dxtn.dll to be 0Kb in size?

Please read the announcement. The dxtn.dll should be replaced with the compiled one.  

3dmark not use dxtn.dll. Dxtn.dll is used only in opengl application. Kudos go to SFFT for the speed and quality improvment of the d3d section;).
Obviously for Dxtn.dll source kudos should go to my great friend Daniel Borca !!;)
General Discussions / y bother?
04 May 2005, 08:02:08
i used to be part of a forum long ago that supported 3dfx. my interest ended in 3dfx when the countless complaints came flowing in that no games would work or programs wouldnt function in windows due to display problems.

Ok, but this was the past !! now is completely different !!

indeed no one has produced a "new" fully working driver that isnt based on old drivers that corrects this. if they had i prolly wouldnt be here now.

Again, this was the PAST. Actually driver are completely NEW driver, with all the section re-writed (glide3x, opengl, D3D rewritten). Sure they are not perfect but we are doing a lot of step in the right direction.

it has lost its dignity by people flooding their old drivers with new, so called "enhanced" features and realeasing them as their own. fine it was great for quake 3 etc. hell they were great days.

I'm lost. Who loose their dignity? We at 3dfxzone surely not !! I'm wrong? If you think different about, you have to motivate what do you write and you can't come here and writing what you wrote !!

Fact is fact and are different. We at 3dfxzone, starting from a point, have released only NEW set of driver and personally I've released a complete NEW SET with Amigamerlin 3.1-R6. For New set I intend not older 3dfx files related!! In fact NEW OPENGL (from mesa.. thanks Daniel) NEW D3D CORE  (from SFFT) new Glide3x (from sourceforge), old /new (new becase not from 3dfx) Glide2x wrapper from Colourless.

A driver Born from community and interely not 3dfx releated !! Skilled Guys have lost a lot time coding this set and if you are trying to write that are FAKE, I can become really really mad.

I think you loose the point and wrinting what you wrote without reflect you INSULTING US, what we have do in the past and what we are doing right now. I think you should try NEW DRIVER before talk about it [}:)] and talking without the knowledge .

I rememeber you again that this place is where is now the soul and the spirit of 3dfx and this place have a STRONG COMMUNITY. Obviously if you came here "trolling" no one can say you "welcome".  

theres no point banning me beacsue i wont be back. i am just enjoying my right to freedom of speech.

Maybe you are right, we have no point for banning you but if you come here for begin a flame or for ranting us "ditch your voodoo cards" you are not in the right place, and falming is against the forum's rules.
General Discussions / y bother?
03 May 2005, 16:04:01

Ciao Hank !!  Nice to meet you here !! :D :D :D and nice to meet you again !! :D :D :D ;);)
General Discussions / y bother?
03 May 2005, 16:00:11
QuoteOriginally posted by Nightbird

I quote you Hanksemenec ;)
QuoteAnyway, board like this is a proof that people appreciated what we have done [:p] hehe
Not only "appreciated" but also "appreciate" :)

Completely agree !! :)
General Discussions / y bother?
03 May 2005, 11:19:45
QuoteOriginally posted by poooooo

honnestly y bother with old hardware thats long dead n never works with any of the latest games? i 4t new games were out so that people could enjoty the latest gfx n gameplay. it aint gonna get u anywhere. av noticed that the 3dfx site has died. doesnt this say something? hell ad rather have a my bitch ass gf4 than a voodoo5 6000. u can get a decent gfx card 4 bugger all these days. tbh i think you lot should get out more. i doubt that any of you have gfs/bfs.

maybe u could start a stamp collection. maybe it mite be worth summet in a few years.

i'll prolly get banned etc. oh well am really bothered

sorry 2 b blunt but am only telling the truth. sooner you realise that ur the laughing stock of the gfx card comminity the better.

Hey man, I don't know if you really know where you are posting and reading what you are wrinting is obviously that you don't have the passion for 3dfx and that you don't know that this place is where is 3dfx's soul.

Anyway, as I said in the past, in this place all thinks voodoo and if you aren't a voodoo user this is not the right place for you.

This time I want to add that, if you have nothing to do,  please go to do it in another place.

Hoping I was clear, I wouldn't like to return to this argument.[}:)]

Ok guys, new Alpha 22 is online for testing ;) on news page. This release try to manage the BSOD error.

Good testing ;)

General Discussions / MesaFX
08 January 2005, 23:54:56
QuoteOriginally posted by r21vo

today i was playing again with 3dfx stuff (it's kinda fun again and again.. ;)) and decided to look if newer mesafx is available. Interesting that in mesafx section in this site is clearly written "Newer MesaFX release v. 6.2 is on line and downloadable from common files  section." but when it comes to downloads there are only version..
MesaFx was distributed only with Amigamerlin 3.1 and Amigamerlin 3.1 R1 Package. So download it and you can find the mesafx 6.2
got to the dborca's site and found two newer versions ( - released on 02-nov-2004 and 09-dec-2004. There is written that the second one include icd and can be a replace to 3dfxogl.dll. Actually it's kinda confusing - why there are 2 seperate files 3dfxogl.dll and opengl32.dll? And what does the "ICD" thing change?
This mean that you can replace the original 3dfxogl.dll with the newer MesaFx that can be used as ICD. In the past this is not allowed. In the next release of Amigamerlin Driver, MesaFx will be installed as Default ICD (replacing by default the original and old 3dfxogl.dll)
This package will not contain any 3dfx original file.
Also I've some questions about glide - why in driver packs there are standart glide3.dll, but when I want to install mesafx I have to install different glide3.dll? Which of them is faster?
With the current MesaFX You can use wichver glide3x you want or you prefere. I suggest you the one distributed with amigamerlin package.
Also a bit confusing about amigamerlin drivers, if it uses sfft d3d core and mesafx isn't included by default then which part did amigamerlin make? only inf mods and that's it?
Yes, .inf modification; Amigamerlin package use non standard inf file and add some tweak and non standard Reg like Temporal AA or screenshot toggle that can be enabled by tools.
about 3dfx driver sources.. dborca said they are at sourceforge glide development project, but when comparing the leaked sources to those ones it doesn't seem right. original sources are much bigger. maybe they left only critical files to build glide dll? or what we see there are files from glide sources which 3dfx released to linux. confusing :/ i assume then the only ones who have sources are the current developers and opensource thing is a myth.. can somebody explain me in plain english the situation?
About glide you can find the lastest glide source in the glide-devel-branch on sourceforge.
about mesafx, what about it's sources? afaik mesa3d on which is it based is opensource, but main mesafx developer was dborca cooperating with amigamerlin and koolsmoky, don't know in detail.
I need someone to clear these things for me, it gets kinda confusing for me.. :/
I think Daniel can explain this much better than me; Anyway Koolsmoky is a Mesa developer, Daniel is a Mesa developer, me only an Hardware engineer ;) .

General Discussions / MesaFX
15 December 2004, 15:40:53
QuoteOriginally posted by dborca

okay, boyz and galz,

it's been a while now... and it's been fun, for some; and less fun, for others. but all good things must come to an end. and lo, this is it: 3dfx is gone and so am i.

special thanks to AmigaMerlin, KoolSmoky, HankSemenec, FalconFly for helping me. i also wish to thank to all my friends/fans from MesaFx thread. last, but not least, my royal finger to the trolls/morons out there - not worth mentioning - and their protectors, too.

and with that, i bid you farewell.

ps: i would have liked to provide a final release today, but i can't. i can, however, assure there _will be_ one. AmigaMerlin will take care of it, in the near future. there may be spurious updates on my situ, but do not count on it! i will also keep the 3dfxzone account, just in case.

What I can add !! I'm not happy for this but [V], as Daniel wrote there isn't too much to develop then what Daniel wrote is that this is the end of the development for 3dfx card [:(]. Obviously Daniel will remain in our board because he is the soul of MesaFx and the last hope for our 3DFx User.

Daniel is a strong Developer and I hope he want to continue to help us doing bug fix ;)  if  any bug come out [:0].


Ciao Brother.