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Started by shinoby, 06 August 2004, 00:39:25

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Hi Everyone,

 I need your help for my 3dfx Voodoo Rush, I'm not sure where is better to post this so I choose this section as more common. I'm using: Voodoo Rush Driver kit Version: 3.01.00, and I was wondering is there any possibility to run games like Hitman 2, Mafia etc. even by using programs like 3D-Analyzer. And if you think that that is not the best driver tell me which is, please?
 And I'm asking for help for just one more thing, which is the best way to overcklock it, using VRushTweak or Tweak for Voodoo, or other way? And what cooling can I make or buy for the Rush?

   I will be really grateful for any answer you give me, thank you in advance.


I'm afraid that the Voodoo Rush is too "little" to run games like Mafia or Hitman 2.

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Yeah, the Voodoo rush is undoubtly the worst card 3dfx made, it was slower than the original Voodoo 1. 3dfx dropped support for it completely in (methinks) 1999: I think the last drivers just barely support DirectX 6, if not, DirectX 5. Time for a new card.


Thank you Nightbird and amp_man for your answers but I have to say that I have SiS 6326 8MB onboard and it has worse performance than the Rush but I had played the whole Hitman 2, Max Payne, and partly Mafia just with the original drivers and no overclocking or other "tuning". I think that the Rush has much more performance than the 6326. And just one think to add now I'm playing NFS High Stakes on the rush and it has no problem.
I'm not asking about good performance but about just run the game. The problem now is that the Voodoo Rush doesn't support DirectX 8.1 and I'm asking if I can somehow "emulate" it using programs like 3D Analyze. I'm using the Rush on the same machine with the SiS 6326.
And say something please about Voodoo 2 do you recommend me to replace the Rush with it or some using both or with the SiS.
Thank you in advance and thanks that there are 3dfx Voodoo users like you!!!