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 23.09.2008   X460, il notebook di Samsung che pesa ''meno dell'aria''

Con il comunicato stampa di seguito allegato, Samsung ha annunciato il lancio nei mercati di Europa, Cina, Russia, Hong Kong, Corea e Turchia, del nuovo notebook Samsung X460.

Equipaggiato con il processore Intel Centrino 2 (disponibile in differenti velocità) e dotato di un display widescreen da 14.1-inch in tecnologia Flat-LED WXGA con risoluzione video di 1280 x 800 pixel, che assicura una luminosità superiore del 30% rispetto alle soluzioni tradizionali, il nuovo X460 si fa notare per la sua leggerezza, dal momento che pesa poco meno di 2KG, ovvero "meno dell'aria", in accordo al produttore.

Tra le altre feature del portatile, la cui sezione video è implementata mediante il ricorso ad un chip grafico GeForce 9200M GS di NVIDIA, segnaliamo la possibilità di gestire fino a 4GB di RAM mentre la capacità del disco rigido può variare da 120GB a 320GB.

Il Samsung X460, di cui il produttore non ha reso noto l'MSRP, include inoltre un burner Super Multi Drive con Light Scribe. Il suo arrivo sul mercato è fissato per il prossimo mese di Ottobre.

[Immagine ad alta risoluzione]

Seoul, South Korea, September 23, 2008 - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a market leader in consumer electronics and world leader in IT technology, today raised the bar in mobile computing by announcing the ultra-lightweight Samsung X460, an innovative addition to its expanding notebook range. Following the launch of the 'Lighter than Air' Samsung X360, the X460 promises to pack a sleek, light notebook with even more functionality, allowing notebook users to go further, do more, and at the same time looking great.

Light, but fully featured
Designed to meet the demanding ‘anytime, anywhere’ performance and connectivity requirements of today’s new generation of agile users, the X460 sets a completely new standard in mobile computing – offering a comprehensive set of features in a slim, lightweight package superior to anything else on the market. Incorporating the all new Intel Centrino 2 processor technology, the X460 delivers revolutionary mobile performance, extended wireless mobility for immersed connectivity and enhanced power-saving features that improve battery life to keep you working longer.

Add to this a high performance nVIDIA GeForce Go 9200M GS graphics card and an integrated optical disk drive, and the X460 continues Samsungs emergence as a leading producer of feature packed ultra mobile notebooks. Despite being one of the lightest notebook in its 14.1" class, weighing a mere 1.9 kg, the Samsung X460 still manages to fuse extensive functionality and performance with class leading design.

Exceptional visual performance
The X460’s power consumption is optimized even further through the use of an innovative 14.1" Flat-LED WXGA (1280 x 800) Gloss screen, which consumes significantly less energy. However, the screen doesn’t let you down when you’re on the move, being thinner and generating around 33% more brightness than traditional LCD screens, making it easier to work outdoors. You can also enjoy photo-like image quality, greater viewing angles and better text legibility, reducing eye strain and increasing productivity.

Strength and reliability
With captivating craftsmanship, the X460’s Protect-o-Edge magnesium alloy casing provides remarkable strength and superior reliability, coupled with enhanced ergonomics and premium styling. In addition, the brushed aluminum plate on the back of the screen provides extra durability and is available in a choice of stylish colors. What’s more, Samsung uses its own components, including memory, batteries and screens wherever possible, meaning there’s no need to worry about the quality of external add-ins. This focus on manufacturing excellence means Samsung mobile computers has one of the best reliability records in the industry, delivering a very low total cost ownership for both business and consumer users.

Simplified communication
For easy transferring of documents, images, video and music the X460 incorporates a highly flexible 7-in-1 memory card reader, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) and an ultra slim internal optical drive. It also boasts an integrated digital motion camera, making it easy to stay in touch with colleagues or friends using video-conferencing or live messaging. For business and home office users, the X460 incorporates a 10/100/1000 Ethernet LAN connection, modem and support for the Samsung P-Dock docking station, simplifying cabling and providing a ‘single click’ connection and easy access to a wide variety of ports.

Extended mobility
For maximum productivity on the move, the X460 incorporates a removable 6-cell battery as standard that provides up to 5 hours of continuous use – ensuring maximum freedom and making mobile computing a more practical proposition. There is also an option for an extended 9 cell battery that promises up to 7.5 hours of performance.

Anti-bacterial keyboard
The X460 features an outstanding Samsung innovation - Silver Nano Technology. The keyboard is coated with incredibly small, nano-sized silver ion powder, which makes it impossible for bacteria to live and breed. So, 99.9% of all bacteria are successfully eliminated within 24 hours and the X460 remains anti-bacterial, creating a more hygienic personal computing environment.

Added peace of mind
Finally, with security at a premium, the X460 also has a secure biometric fingerprint and trusted platform module (TPM) authentication system to ensure data is always fully protected.

"The X460’s ultra-portability brings a new freedom to the market, without compromising on usability. Quite simply, by providing great performance wrapped up in a stunning design you can go further, do more and at the same time look great," said Executive Vice President HS Kim, who leads Samsung’s Computer System Division. "We knew we had to create an outstanding product to live up to the excitement generated by the X360, and I believe we have done that with the X460. The lightweight, sleek form and unsurpassed functionality gives users have everything they need for life on the move," he added.

The X460 will be available from October this year in European countries UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Netherlands, and also Russia, China, Honkong, Turkey and Korea.

World class mobile performance
Incorporates the all new 45 nano-meter sized Intel Centrino 2 processor technology, which literally puts the power of two processors into one, so it delivers unrivaled system performance, enhanced energy efficiency and advanced connectivity to keep you working longer. Open up your favorite applications knowing that their will be no compromise on performance.

Faster graphics, premium experience
Featuring a dedicated nVIDIA GeForce Go 9200M GS graphics card, with support for the new DirectX 10 graphics architecture, the X460 provides advanced 3D image rendering to get the best out of all the latest games and applications.

Enhanced mobility
The X460 weighs a mere 1.9 kg (including a long-life 6 cell battery), so you can carry less, but do more. Despite its diminutive size, the X460 still manages to incorporate the extensive functionality demanded by ultra mobile and results-driven users.

14.1" SuperBright LED display
The 14.1" widescreen display provides photo-like image quality, greater viewing angles and better text legibility, reducing eye strain and therefore increasing productivity. Using LED technology also means that the screen is thinner, up to 33% brighter, and uses much less power than a traditional LCD screen. Even the durability of the system is better, because there are fewer breakable parts.

Sleek design
Sleek and slim design, with a durable magnesium alloy casing providing amazing strength and superior reliability coupled with added ergonomics and premium styling. In addition, the brushed aluminum plate on the back of the screen provides extra durability and is available in a choice of stylish colors.

Integrated Optical Disk Drive
Incorporates an ultra slim internal optical drive, so you have everything you need to share information and enjoy a rich multimedia experience on the move, without being weighed down by extra peripherals.

Long battery life
The long-life 6 cell battery delivers up to 5 hours continuous use – ensuring maximum freedom and mobility and making mobile computing a more practical proposition. The longer battery life is also guaranteed by the use of a power efficient LED display.

Anti-Bacterial Keyboard
Uses Silver Nano technology to coat the keyboard with incredibly small, nano-sized silver ion powder, which makes it impossible for bacteria to live and breed. So, 99.9% of all bacteria are successfully eliminated within 24 hours and the notebook remains anti-bacterial, creating a more hygienic personal computing environment.

Total security
The X460 delivers complete peace of mind with a secure biometric fingerprint authentication system and a trusted platform module (TPM). It means your valuable information will always remain safe from prying eyes - and you may never need to remember another password!

Fast docking
Compatible with Samsung’s P-Dock docking station, which simplifies cabling and provides a ‘single click’ connection and easy access to a wide variety of ports, including serial, 5 x USB, LAN, HDMI, SIO, e-SATA and DVI (Digital Video Interface) to deliver outstanding digital image quality on large displays and projectors.

Wireless World
Featuring the super fast 802.11a/b/g/n wireless, delivering up to five times the performance and up to twice the range of previous-generation technologies.

Smile, you’re on camera
Featuring an integrated 1.3 mega pixel digital motion camera, it offers a simple way to keep in touch with friends or family, using video-conferencing or live messaging.

Connection to the Digital World
For the ultimate in viewing experiences simply connect it to your HD monitor, Television (HDTV) or home theatre system using the X460’s built-in HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) connection, which allows 100% transmission of visual and audio digital signals, and experience richer colors, beautiful rendering and perfect image and sound reproduction.

Source: Samsung Electronics Press Release

Tags: notebook  |  samsung


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