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 04.02.2011   Plextor lancia il burner Blu-ray esterno USB 3.0 PX-LB950UE

Plextor ha ampiato il proprio catalogo di periferiche ottiche con il nuovo masterizzatore Blu-ray esterno denominato PX-LB950UE (cfr. le foto seguenti), una soluzione in grado di vantare una velocità massima in fase di scrittura pari a 12X (in abbinamento ai dischi in formato BD-R, ndr) e la possibilità di collegamento con il computer host sia mediante eSATA che attraverso la relativamente recente tecnologia USB 3.0.

Il PX-LB950UE è inoltre capace di scrivere fino a 8X con i BD-R DL e a 2X con i BD-RE e BD-RE DL; parimenti, la velocità massima in fase di lettura è pari a 8X con i BD-ROM SL e DL, mentre tra le tecnologie supportate citiamo LightScribe.

In accordo al produttore, il nuov Blu-ray burner PX-LB950UE sarà commercializzato in Europa e UK nel corso del mese corrente a fronte di un prezzo consigliato pari a poco più di €210. Nel bundle sarà incluso il software di playback Blu-Ray e DVD Playback CyberLink e alcuni tool per la masterizzazione.

[Immagine ad alta risoluzione]

[Immagine ad alta risoluzione]

[Immagine ad alta risoluzione]

Plextor have expanded their high-performance optical storage portfolio with the addition of the PX-LB950UE – their first external Blu-ray Writer.

The PX-LB950UE boasts a combination of an incredibly fast 12x writing speed with USB 3.0 technology, advanced software applications and a stylish external chassis designed to offer reliability, accuracy and low noise.

Every facet of the PX-B950UE has been designed to provide home and business users with a high performance, easy to use and versatile solution for backing-up large quantities of data or enjoying their favourite Blu-ray movies.

The PX-LB950UE is available across the UK and Europe from February at an RRP of approximately £179.

Key Features:

* Exceptionally fast 12x Blu-ray Writing Speed
* Portable and Stylish External Design
* USB 3.0 for faster data transfers
* Advanced Software including PlexUtilities
* LightScribe disc labelling technology
* 2 year on-site warranty

High speed and high capacity for the most convenient archiving solution:
With an incredibly fast recording speed of 12x, the PX-LB950UE writer makes use of super-speedy USB 3.0 and eSATA connections to optimise the transfer times when writing and playing-back data – and maintains compatibility with older USB 2.0 systems for full versatility.

The PX-LB950UE is a perfect solution for home and business users who want to back-up large quantities of data without the hassle of waiting around. Double-Layer Blu-Ray media allows up to 50GB of storage per disc – that’s the equivalent of 10 DVDs, 72 CDs or over 9 hours of HD video.

Thoughtful external design offers portability, accuracy and reliability:
The PX-LB950UE is usefully packed inside a portable and stylish external casing. Its design not only looks the part in a high-gloss piano black, but has been constructed to ensure maximum reliability and accuracy whilst using the drive.

The external chassis channels airflow to keep the drive cooler and extending its lifetime and reliability. A low vibration system and high 8MB buffer ensures greater accuracy at higher writing speeds, whilst the low noise output leads to smooth Blu-ray playback for uninterrupted movie enjoyment.

These top features combine to bring users a full movie experience on any suitable PC, including superb surround sound, mind-blowing HD quality and fluid visuals.

High performance software for effortless back-ups:
The PX-LB950UE is bundled with the advanced CyberLink Blu-Ray and DVD Playback software and recording applications, including 3D compatibility.

PlexUtilities software is also included with the drive, which offers a comprehensive and user-friendly selection of tools to assist users to test, tune and view information about the drive and writing performance.

LightScribe adds a professional finishing touch:
Lightscribe is an innovative technology that uses the laser in compatible drives to‘draw’ high quality images on the top of specially produced discs. It provides the ultimate professional finish and makes creased labels and smudged pen a thing of the past.

Exceptional warranty terms offer complete peace of mind:
Unlike many others of its kind, the PX-LB950UE offers an added level of reassurance with the Plextor ‘Fast Warranty Service’ – a 2 year on-site warranty across the EU, Norway and Switzerland (1 year elsewhere) – so users can feel secure in the knowledge that their must-have device is covered for longer.

Specifications: Transfer Rate

BD Media
BD-R     12X Maximum Write
BD-R DL     8X Maximum Write
BD-RE / BD-RE DL    2X Maximum Write
BD-ROM SL / DL    8X Maximum Read

DVD Media (Read/Write)
DVD±R    8X Maximum
DVD±R DL    8X Maximum
DVD+RW     8X Maximum
DVD-RW     6X Maximum
DVD-RAM     12X Maximum
DVD-ROM     16X Maximum Read

CD Media (Read/Write)
CD-R    48X Maximum
CD-RW    24x Maximum
CD-ROM    48X Maximum

Access Time (Typical)
BD Media     BD-ROM SL 250ms / BD-ROM DL 380ms
DVD Media     DVD-ROM 150ms / DVD-ROM DL 160ms / DVD-RAM 200ms
CD Media    CD-ROM 150ms
Buffer Size    8 MB

Source: Plextor Press Release

Tags: blu-ray  |  burner  |  plextor  |  px-lb950ue  |  usb


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