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 28.07.2009   AMD annuncia la video card ATI FirePro V8750 per workstation

Con il comunicato stampa di seguito allegato, AMD ha annunciato la scheda grafica dedicata al mercato professionale ATI FirePro V8750 (cfr. la foto seguente). Si tratta di una soluzione che è, in accordo al produttore, "fino a quattro volte più veloce delle soluzioni concorrenti" e capace di esibire "una banda della memoria pari a due volte quella dei prodotti competitor".

La nuova ATI FirePro V8750 è basata sulla gpu ATI RV770, che integra 800 unità shader, ed è equipaggiata con 2GB di RAM G-DDR5 operanti a 900MHz fisici; il produttore dichiara un valore di picco per la banda della memoria pari a 115GB/s. Il controller, che è compatibile con le tecnologie Shader Model 4.1 (DirectX 10.1) e OpenGL 2.1, permette l'elaborazione in real-time di immagini foto-realistiche e il rendering di modelli complessi con tempistiche molto ridotte.

In termini di connessioni di I/O, la video card, che si interfaccia con la motherboard mediante uno slot PCI Express 2.0 x16 ed è fornita di due connettori a 6-pin per l'alimentazione esterna, è dotata di due uscite DisplayPort e una dual-link DVI. La ATI FirePro V8750 è già in commercio: il suo MSRP è pari a $1.799.

[Immagine ad alta risoluzione]

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - 7/28/2009 - To meet the extreme productivity needs of today’s CAD, Digital Content Creation (DCC) and oil and gas professionals, AMD (NYSE: AMD) announces that the ATI FirePro V8750 3D workstation graphics accelerator is joining the AMD line of ultra high-end professional graphics hardware.

  • ATI FirePro V8750 3D workstation graphics accelerator brings the highest number of shader engines (800) with the highest memory bandwidth (115.2 GB/s) in the entire 3D professional graphics offerings today1 which enables professionals to render incredibly complex models and photo-realistic images in real-time.
  • The ultra parallel processing architecture of the ATI FirePro V8750 3D workstation graphics accelerator maximizes throughput by automatically directing graphics horsepower where it’s needed. Intelligent management of computational resources enables enhanced utilization of the GPU to enable real-time rendering of complex models and scenes with high frame rates when animating. This acceleration is accessed through ATI Stream technology, a set of advanced hardware and software technologies that enable a system to dynamically balance workloads by tapping a both the CPU and a GPU in a workstation to enable accelerated application performance.
  • With ATI FirePro V8750 3D workstation graphics accelerator, applications that take advantage of the shader units and memory bandwidth perform significantly better than with competing solutions. For example, UG NX4 software from Siemens PLM performs up to 56 percent faster and Autodesk 3ds Max OGL runs 118 percent faster on ATI FirePro V8750 than the comparable competing solution.2
  • Featuring 2GB of GDDR5 frame buffer memory, engineers and designers are free to focus on project work without concerns for memory limitations that have traditionally impacted professional applications.
  • ATI FirePro V8750 3D workstation graphics accelerator offers thirty percent more bandwidth than the comparable competing solution1, and it’s equipped with the latest memory technology, GDDR5, for superior bandwidth and power consumption.
  • Two DisplayPort outputs, one Dual Link enabled DVI output and one Stereo sync output provide versatility and advanced features needed for advanced monitors and a high resolution support. In addition, with native multi-card support, users can see more and do more using four displays by adding a second ATI FirePro 3D graphics accelerator in the same workstation.
  • ATI FirePro 3D workstation graphics accelerators have more than 90 certifications from independent software vendors and have undergone extensive testing to provide industry standard reliability.
  • Concurrent with this product launch, AMD is also announcing the availability of ATI CrossFire Pro technology which enables users to combine the power of two discrete graphics cards to scale their application performance for maximum productivity. This capability which simply involves coupling the two graphics cards using an interconnect cable, is designed to provide a significant performance boost to CAD and DCC applications such as UG NX, Ensight, Maya and Teamcenter. In addition to ATI FirePro V8750, ATI CrossFire Pro is planned for availability on the mid-range and above graphics cards including ATI FirePro V5700, ATI FirePro V7750, and ATI FirePro V87003D workstation graphics accelerators. Initial support is provided for Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit) with support for other operating systems scheduled to follow in the second half of 2009.
  • The new ATI FirePro V87503D workstation graphics accelerator is available now at the MSRP of $1,799. ATI FirePro graphics accelerators are available from OEMs, system integrators and channel partners worldwide.
Supporting Quotes:

"Digital content creation and high end CAD users have been held hostage to high-priced solutions for advanced rendering," said Janet Matsuda, senior director, AMD Professional Graphics. "The ATI FirePro V8750 3D workstation graphics accelerator delivers unparalleled performance and two GB of frame buffer memory for less than $1,800 MSRP. Creative and engineering professionals can now afford the powerful graphics they deserve."

"We’re amazed at the performance boost to our already fast MachStudio Pro real-time 3D workflow and rendering product with the new ATI FirePro V8750 3D workstation graphics accelerator," said David Koenig, CEO, StudioGPU. "Powered by the new ATI FirePro workstation graphics accelerator, the MachStudio Pro non-linear real-time 3D finishing workflow enables design firms and 3D artists everywhere to power through big, complex projects amazingly fast. Thanks to the ATI graphic accelerators, small and mid-size studios can now work at the speed of thought to streamline workflow in a way that was impossible for the largest and most fully equipped production facilities as little as a year ago."

Siggraph 2009

At Siggraph 2009, August 4-6, AMD will showcase ATI FirePro professional graphics accelerators in booth 2417 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Source: AMD Press Release

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