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Da Smooth Creations il notebook Redeemer per gaming estremo

07.04.2009 - Da Smooth Creations il notebook Redeemer per gaming estremo

Smooth Creations ha annunciato la realizzazione, in collaborazione con BFG, del notebook Redeemer, che al momento rappresenta quanto di meglio possibile reperire oggi sul mercato, ed in particolare nel segmento dei portatili di fascia alta concepiti per il gaming. The Redeemer, infatti, basato su una motherboard con chipset X58 di Intel ed equipaggiato con un processore della gamma Intel Core i7, il 965.

Il contributo di BFG coincide con la dotazione di due schede grafiche Geforce 280 GTX in versione mobile connesse in SLI mentre sono firmati Corsair i moduli di memoria RAM DDR3; appartiene alla serie X di Intel il disco SSD (Solid State Drive) che svolge il ruolo di memoria di massa. Segue una immagine ufficiale del notebook, il cui case impreziosito in maniera pienamente aderente allo stile e alla tradizione di Smooth Creations.

Redeemer gi sul mercato, anche se il produttore non ne ha reso noto l'MSRP.

Smoothcreations, a leading manufacturer of Custom PC gaming systems, desktop workstations, and Laptops, introduced today, in collaboration with BFG, are proud to announce the Smoothcreations "The Redeemer" Notebook. The Redeemer is a x58 Mobile desktop solution with Intel Core i7 Desktop processor. Stop showing up to LAN parties with gaming rigs that look like they were all bought at the same store. Turn heads, and then shred them with The Redeemer. The first kick ass full size chassis with performance PC from Smooth Creations.

The Ultimate LAN party system: The Smooth Creations The Redeemer was designed to intimidate, perform and back up every piece of trash talk you fling at your gaming buddies. Plus, the best part of Reaper system was it's custom specs. Our builders worked closely with Gaming Graphics Guru BFG, Corsair Memory, and Intel to make this system - an ass kicking system that can deliver smoking benchmarks, immersive HD gaming effects. Design to perform, this system will be every game title's nightmare.

These custom painted gaming beasts deliver the graphics-shredding processing power you need to conquer your next LAN event. Powered with BFG's Geforce 280 GTX, these cards take no prisoners to the next LAN. If you don't own the Redeemer system with BFG Mobile Geforce 280's get ready for an ass-whipping. The Mobile x58 platform comes with Intel's latest Core i7 Desktop processors, and souped up with Intel's X series s.

"The Redeemers" design makes it easy to go to those LAN parties without having to lug heavy pc equipment around", Mario Gastelum, Product Marketing. "Our Notebooks were designed to stomp, crush and kick our competitors teeth to the curb with amazing benchmarks & rich detail game play". These rigs are built to our customers exact specifications.

The "Redeemers" models are stacked with Intel Core i7 965 CPU and a pair of BFG Mobile Geforce 280 GTX's in SLI configurations. Be rest assured that not only will you have a screaming looking case - but a serious war gaming machine that will get you the highest frame rates playing Crysis, Left for dead or Far Cry 2.

The Smoothcreations Redeemer are available for immediate delivery, and custom artwork designs, configurations, and upgrades are available.

News Source: Smooth Creations Press Release

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