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AOC annuncia il gaming monitor QHD con diagonale da 23.8-inch Q24G2A/BK

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25.05.2023 - AOC annuncia il gaming monitor QHD con diagonale da 23.8-inch Q24G2A/BK

AOC ha annunciato il gaming monitor Q24G2A/BK, una device basata su un pannello IPS con diagonale da 23.8-inch che supporta una risoluzione video nativa QHD, e dunque pari a 2560 x 1440 pixel, in corrispondenza di una frequenza di refresh pari a 165Hz e di un tempo di risposta MPRT (Moving Picture Response Time) pari a 1ms.

AOC ha enfatizzato, inoltre, altre specifiche del monitor Q24G2A/BK a partire dal rapporto di contrasto (statico) pari a 1000:1 e dalla capacità di ricoprire il 108.7% della gamma dei colori sRGB, passando per gli angoli di visualizzazione orizzontale e verticale, uguali tra loro e pari a 178°.

E inoltre, il gaming monitor Q24G2A/BK vanta una luminosità massima pari a 350cd/m² e supporta inoltre la tecnologia NVIDIA G-SYNC che minimizza le imperfezioni grafiche dovute al disallineamento tra il frame rate del segnale in ingresso e la frequenza di refresh.

Il monitor AOC GAMING Q24G2A/BK arriva sul mercato a maggio; il prezzo al dettaglio consigliato dal produttore, o RRP (Recommended Retail Price), è pari a circa €252.

Press Release

AGON by AOC - the world's leading gaming monitor and IT accessories brand - proudly introduces the compact Q24G2A/BK to its AOC GAMING product range. This gaming monitor comes equipped with a 23.8" (60.4 cm) IPS panel that provides a remarkable QHD resolution (2560x1440) at an impressive 165Hz refresh rate and 1 ms MPRT response time. Offering a 1000:1 contrast ratio and 108.7% sRGB gamut coverage, the AOC GAMING Q24G2A/BK is designed to provide stunning visuals and responsive performance in a space-saving shape.

The Q24G2A/BK's compact 24" display size paired with the QHD resolution ensures extraordinary sharpness and detail with 123.4 ppi (pixel per inch) pixel density, which is much higher than that of standard 24" Full HD or 27" QHD displays. The high pixel density and space-saving design make it an ideal choice for gamers seeking an immersive gaming experience without sacrificing desk space.

The Q24G2A/BK features thin bezels, suited for a deployment in multi-monitor setups, and a height-adjustable stand, which allows users to find the perfect ergonomic position. Its IPS panel offers wide viewing angles of 178°/178°, ensuring comfortable viewing experience even from indirect angles. With 108.7% sRGB gamut coverage, the monitor delivers rich, vivid, and accurate colours, making it suitable for gaming and creative work alike.

Fast-paced gaming in a small package
Being equipped with a responsive IPS panel, the Q24G2A/BK's 1 ms (MPRT) response time ensures it can handle fast-paced gameplay without exhibiting ghosting or motion blur. The monitor's 350cd/m² peak brightness produces vibrant and clear visuals under a variety of lighting conditions. Being NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible, the Q24G2A/BK guarantees smooth, tear-free gaming with reduced input lag, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable experience.

Integration with AOC's G-Menu software allows easy access to changing the monitor's colour, overdrive, and further gaming settings. These include: Shadow Control to adjust highlight and shadow levels, Low Blue Mode for comfortable use late at night, Dial Point, a crosshair overlay to precisely aim in any occasion, and a Frame Counter to display the current frames per second information.

The AOC GAMING Q24G2A/BK will be available from May 2023 with an RRP of £219.99.

Source: AOC Press Release

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