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Release Notes

  • OneDrive: Fixed 'Unsupported security token' error.
  • Explorer: Fixed when clicking folder with ftps:// URL, it becomes ftp:// URL.
  • Azure: Fixed sometimes assigning check-sums to a wrong file, due to parsing error.
  • Browse Dlg: If two or more folders do not exist in Job side path, do not allow clicking them all.
  • Control Center Upload: Fixed quote-screening issue that cause errors in names with quotes.
  • Control Cneter Runner: Fix lockup of Runner after job was renamed in Control Center.
  • Filters Pane: Sort filters lexicographically.
  • Job Options/Program Options: Place Include filters above Exclude filters, to match order of execution.
  • Job Tree Toolbar counters: rewrite to keep live counters correctly updated.
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