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 Gaming with 3dfx Voodoo cards
 Silent Hill 3 help needed with non-shader cards
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Posted - 04/02/2004 :  13:54:13  Show Profile  Visit tiger@sound.net's Homepage  Reply with Quote
... My very meager PC's over-all specs...
2.50 Ghz Intel Pentium 4 in an HP Pavilion 754v
64 MB " " Graphics Ram with an 82845G Intel Card
((( No ATi or NVidia cards, here.)))
(But I do have a very old and apparently, now, useless Voodoo2. :(
And OpenGL 1.1 is On Board, already.
DirectX 9.0b

(Sorry to bother your Graphic Wizards and 3D Masters, here.
Because I feel TOTALLY out of my league, around you guys. :)

Well... I have been having some great luck with QUAKE 2 and graphic/game enhancement LTL/TBM...

And also, games like ALICE, Syberia (My Daughter likes getting games for me.) :), The Thing, Silent Hill 2 and emulating Silent Hill 1 for the PS2, ALL, ran very well on my puny little system. :)

But,,, now,,, I can just barely SEE "Silent Hill 3"...
(I have GREAT sound...)
But no movies and no screen clears or refreshes.
And also, I have some "hidden" 3D animations...
But I can hear the foot-steps?
But, I can see only a frame of the changed animation,
ONLY when I press the "Escape key".) :(

But,,, I would say that "3D-Analyze", version 2.31, is doing an EXCELLENT job with my non-3dfx card!!!

But,,, here I am with my "hat in hand", asking for a little help. :)

Ps,,, I am trying to talk about this problem at their KONAMI Message board, here, under "Silent Hill"...

And within the message...
"Please Konami... Help us, PC Owners, at least emulate SH1 !!!".

Plus I have already email their tech support and another site official...

... There...
And now, you are going to tell me to, please, GO AWAY!!!
And spend $300+ USD for a new ATi 9800 PRO card... Right???

Edited by - tiger@sound.net on 08/02/2004 04:23:56


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Posted - 04/02/2004 :  14:18:24  Show Profile  Visit tiger@sound.net's Homepage  Reply with Quote
(I can't edit my message, above??? So here's some "edits". :)

That QUAKE 2 mod is called LTK/TBM, "License To Kill/The Borg Matrix", where mSparks, by himself, has re-wrote the entire QUAKE 2 and ACTION mod into a pretty neat FPS combat game with Ninjas and sword-play, even. ;)

Also, I have a very old and loved VOODOO 2 card, but not on this new machine... (Like that old card could, EVEN, begin to help me with this Shader MESS? ;)

And, now, for a REALLY DUMB question...

Should I get ALL of the drivers and dll files for a particular graphics card, that I don't even own??? (I noticed that 3D-Analyze has several very special dat and dll files.)

So,,, could it be that I need "something special", also, to help my very generic Intel card, above??? (See... I warned you that it was going to be PRETTY DUMB. :)

(Thanks for putting-up with my very novice questions.)
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Posted - 04/02/2004 :  22:07:56  Show Profile  Visit amp_man's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Quite frankly, I agree with the dude at that link, lyra or whatever. The intel graphics are ****, as you say, they only support OpenGL 1.1 and like DirectX 7.0?, which is simply unacceptable from a new system. If all you need the card for is like minor gaming, and you don't mind scaling back the details a little once in a while, a Geforce 2/3 (non MX or XT) should do you fine, or a radeon 9000 or 9500.
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Posted - 05/02/2004 :  01:31:19  Show Profile  Visit tiger@sound.net's Homepage  Reply with Quote
... Thanks, Amp_Man... (I really do respect your opinion on this.)

But,,, I am still curious about what Thomas of 3D-Analyse and that fellow, who still LOVEs Amiga!!! (I saw the Amiga's birth after the C64 and I will always appreciate its EXCELLENT system-structure. It is a shame that Commodore bought it. :(

Also, back then, in the mid 1980s we have dreams of TOTALLY PROGRAMMABLE software-based graphics cards with a seperate and very fast processor and LOTs of FAST RAM.)

Here is another group that is creating their own and better Vertex Programs and some Dreams...
(Ahhhh... the PURITY and SPEED of the Assembly Language!!! :)

And they are doing all of this high-tech work for only one GAME that they created...
BRAVO Amigos !!! (And one BIG YAWN for KONAMI... :)

So,,, MUCH have changed since the 1980s...
But NOW, perhaps, processors like my 2.5 GHz and LOTs of dedicated or isolated RAM (64M used to be a decent amount?) MIGHT be a BIG help with our current "graphics card emulation" needs???

I explored the "graphics card game" from VOODOO 1 and up, in the last century.

So,,, IF I buy one of the "very best and current" graphics cards,,,
do you think that I will truly be done with this "graphics card game"???
(According to our PC History,,, I suspect, not ??? :(

.. Jim ... (Yep... Just call me "Jim" ala "James T. Kirk".)
(And BTW, I probably screwed-up by putting this in your
"Gaming with Voodoos" section... (Sorry)...You may dispose of my "novice noise" and pipe-dreams, here, if you wish?) Because over-all this little dream might extend to ALL of our cards, someday?

... Here is one "Happy Ending" brought to you via "3D-Analyse" !!!

... And one more Dreamer or TWO and their quests, before I go...

Edited by - tiger@sound.net on 05/02/2004 02:23:11
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