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 Win98 + WinXP on same HDD, any tips?
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Posted - 03/12/2003 :  05:36:38  Show Profile  Visit Damascus's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Im going to install Windows98SE and WindowsXP (w/ NTFS) on the same HDD. I just ran Partition Magic 8, used the option to install another OS, chose WinXP, it rebooted to DOS and started its thing, and got a batch error... now I can't load any OS and I've got Maxblast running a zero fill low level format now on it... which looks like is going to take ALL night... I guess this time I'll try setting a primary and secondary partition with FDISK and install XP on the primary then try formatting the secondary with fat32 and install 98... I dont know how this is going to act when I try to boot.. I've never tried doing this before except with linux mandrake, which went, and still is going smoothly. Anyone got any tips on this? Would Maxblast3 be better to use than FDISK? Any suggestions and opinions are appreciated! Thanx everyone!

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Posted - 03/12/2003 :  12:37:32  Show Profile  Visit Glide's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Install before Windows 98 OS in FAT32 partition and then run Windows XP setup by Windows 98 environment and select as install folder a dir in NTFS partition. When the process is competed, you will have an OS selection menu at boot time.

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Posted - 04/12/2003 :  04:18:24  Show Profile  Visit amp_man's Homepage  Reply with Quote
okay, well, there are probably simpler ways to do this, but this is how I do it:
1)use partition magic 8 to split the drive into two primary partitions. because of certain limitations, the first partition cant exceed 1024 cylanders to allow the second to be bootable. Also, I use FAT32 on both, to allow 98 to access the XP drive
2)install 98 on the first partition and get it running, with pm8 installed, if it is not already
3)Run Partition Magic on the 98 partition and set the XP partition to active. This might make the 98 partition hidden, don't worry about it. Here's a screenshot how to do it, but since the partition is already active, it's greyed out, but just trust me here

77.2 KB
4)install XP, and get pm 8 running.
5)that was the easy part, now it becomes a little trickier: Go back into partition magic and set the 98 partition as active, you will need 98 for the next step
6)download XOSL (eXtended Operating System Loader) from www.xosl.org. EDIT: That site is now down, use this link instead.
7)extract the zip file and run Install.exe (extract dir>xosl115>xosl). Find the "any" key and press it (old joke) to continue, then select "Install XOSL" (press enter). Then select "Install on a DOS Drive"

56.79 KB
Then, it will have a screen with a few options, I just leave these at the defaults, except the Video Mode, which I set at 800x600. This should install the the first partition, as it just makes things easier. When you're finished, select "Start Installation, and it should set up fine.
8)When you reboot, it will come up with the wonderful XOSL screen, then probably have absolutely nothing listed. Go into the "Setup" screen (sorry, can't provide screenshots for this part, and it's where they're needed most). Then click "Add", select the first option that's listed as "Microsoft FAT32" under System, and change the name to Windows 98, or something like that. Then click Apply. Repeat the process for Windows XP, using the next item down under the "Add" menu. When you're through, click "Save" before clicking "Close" otherwise the stuff you just set up wont be there next time you boot. There are some other cool things that come with XOSL, such as automatic booting and passwords, but I can't explain such things tonight.

Edited by - amp_man on 08/06/2004 04:18:44
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Posted - 04/12/2003 :  04:36:00  Show Profile  Visit amp_man's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I should probably also throw in that Glide's method does work, I have done that before, and is much simpler. However, it is a pain in the butt if either OS has to be reinstalled, because it forces both to be. This was an issue for me, especially when I had my V5 in that box, because I was constantly crashing it with different drivers.
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Posted - 04/12/2003 :  05:29:32  Show Profile  Visit Damascus's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Thanx everyone. I'll try doing that tonight amp_man. Thanx for posting the screenshots. I'll post back tomorrow with my results. I HOPE i dont have another clusterf***, ive spent like 6 hours getting everything set back up on here the way I had it lol. Thanx again Amp and Glide!!
P.S.- What are bad sectors and how do I fix them? I had a little bit on the drive before the crash, and now on this new install, scandisk reports more. How can I fix these? Thanx!
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Posted - 08/06/2004 :  09:06:06  Show Profile  Visit Rolo01's Homepage  Reply with Quote
@ Damascus
As soon as your HD shows some bad sectors, backup your data and trash that HD !
Bad sectors are places on the harddisk were written data cannot be read anymore. Everything you write into a bad sector will be lost.
The point is, those bad sectors will increase !
It is not worth the risk, get yourself a new HD !
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Posted - 10/08/2004 :  03:55:45  Show Profile  Visit secretfj's Homepage  Send secretfj an ICQ Message  Click to see secretfj's MSN Messenger address  Reply with Quote
yes, rolo's got a point..
since bad sectors can be caused by the drive had scratching the disc surface. it can't be repaired except take it to the dealer and get a RMA one instead (that's what people will do in hong kong)

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