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 Voodoo4/5 Discussions
 Returning 3dfx guy saying "Hi"!
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Posted - 28/11/2003 :  16:59:17  Show Profile  Visit wobegong's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Just managed to get hold of a "brand new" boxed (still shrink wrapped) Voodoo5 PCI for not much money - used to have an AGP one of these ages ago (paired with a K6-III 450) and wanted to see it would run on my Dual Xeon setup - Any problems installing this alongside an FX5800 Ultra AGP?

Games I hope to try are Quake III+Navy Seals Mod, UT, UT2003, HalfLife, Serious Sam 1 & 2. (Also play Eve Online MMORPG but as this is a DX9 game guess it wont work on the V5(?)).

And hi to all and congrats on keeping 3dfx alive!

Tyan Tiger S2668 | 1Gb Dual Channel DDR PC2100 | Dual Xeon 2.4Ghz Hyperthreading | FX5800 Ultra AGP 8x DDRII | Voodoo5 5500 PCI | Windows XP Prof & Suse Linux Prof 9.0



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Posted - 29/11/2003 :  12:51:22  Show Profile  Visit sloomy's Homepage  Reply with Quote

Where have you bought this brand new card ? How much have you paid ? I wouldn't opened the card, and has bought me an used one. here is no differences.

As far as i know should all games work with your pc and your 3dfx card.

But do not opened it
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Posted - 29/11/2003 :  13:43:13  Show Profile  Visit wobegong's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Why wouldn't you open it? - You think it will be worth somthing in the future? - I dont think so.......A friend is manager for a PC Parts shop they had this in their store room when clearing out - I paid 25 (GB Pounds) for it.

Tyan Tiger S2668 | 1Gb Dual Channel DDR PC2100 | Dual Xeon 2.4Ghz Hyperthreading | FX5800 Ultra AGP 8x DDRII | Voodoo5 5500 PCI | Windows XP Prof & Suse Linux Prof 9.0
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Posted - 30/11/2003 :  19:08:21  Show Profile  Visit Raptor's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Aren't those a beaut? I got mine also brand new, in a sealed box too. (even with that plastic wrapping). It was intact, probably sitting in some warehouse. I paid 50GBP (with s&h) to this guy, which I found on eBay. He said he had 13 of those, but that was a couple of months ago. Q3 should work like a charm, also UT (wickedGL gives 200fps to me!!!), UT2003, is bad for me, but I have athlon1000 and only 128mb of sdram. HL, SS1&2 work brilliant. Don't know about Eve Online, as far as the new games, MotoGP 1&2, NFS:U, IL-2 Sturmovik,Warcraft 3, GTA,GTA:Vice city, Ford Racing 2(supports Depth of field) and some others also work great.

Just your ordinary nVidiot hunter
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United Kingdom
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Posted - 07/01/2004 :  21:36:33  Show Profile  Visit Wildcard's Homepage  Reply with Quote

I'n not so sure you'd see a big speed hike with the Voodoo - espcially when that 5800 is being fed by two monster Exeon's; the fillrate of that baby must be enough to smole toast. There's also probably a couple of FSAA features employed on the 5800 that make Quake III look cooler than it would on the Voodoo.

I can't see a problem with power as long as you have a decent PSU, although the length of this PCI card may be an issue along with the amount of heat being kicked out.

BTW I am running a K6-III@450 with a Geforce 2 Ultra - playing Vice City (just about) at 1024 x 768. More memory capacity and speed than with the Voodoo. Was quite amazed at the speed for such an antiquated (though somewhat treasured) CPU..
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Posted - 08/01/2004 :  08:55:06  Show Profile  Visit qrazi's Homepage  Reply with Quote
well, the k6-III actually wasnt a bad performing cpu. in games it could even reach PII 450mhz speeds (if 3dnow was supported). i played max payne for the first time on my k6-2+ @ 600mhz... 800x600 and i guess around 25 fps... with free 2x fsaa :)

ECS K7s5a@ 147 MHz, Athlon XP 1600+@1825+, Voodoo5 5500 @166 MHz, 512mb pc3200
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