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 Voodoo2 Discussions
 Disappointed :(
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Posted - 17/11/2003 :  14:23:54  Show Profile  Visit Voodoo2Powah's Homepage  Send Voodoo2Powah an ICQ Message  Reply with Quote
For the last 3 days I have been trying to work with my voodoo2 but with no luck...
I have tried a dozen unofficial drivers and none worked for me...
So finally I decided to make a multiboot system and have win98 just to use my voodoo2...but not even that worked...
After several formats and windows installations, I stil couldnt get the damn thing to work on win98....

I am really disappointed and ready to give up...
Let me tell you what the deal s for me :
I use the PC 90% of the time to play Diablo 2.
So I want to play it in Glide which is far better than D3D...

Thats my sole purpose, having good FPS in Glide in Diablo2 ....nothing else matters, I just want this...

Can you help me achieve it? I would do anything...even buy a new Voodoo card...

I dont get it, even when I installed win98 the official drivers werent working with Diablo2.... (i read somewhere they got a problem with Athlon...). Ok so I try unofficial fixed for athlon....not working either... then I try a bunch of other drivers....same ****...

In WinXP no more luck of course...

GRRRRR I WANNA PLAY D2 IN GLIDE!!! how was I able to play it 3 years ago in a P2 333MHz system and I cant play it now FFS???
What more should i do?

Will buying a Voodoo 5 5500 be a solution? does it have XP drivers or anything to help more than voodoo2?

Lastly let me tell you my system configuration and ask a couple of questions :
Abit NF7-S
Athlon XP2500+ @ 2200MHz
1Gb PC3200 RAM 2-2-2-5
Radeon 9700 pro

Ok, now a few questions :
Is there some online shop that stil sells Voodoo cards?
If I get a Voodoo5 5500 PCI can I use it in conjunction with the radeon and when I play Glide games, have it used?
What's the deal with Voodoo 5 6000? Can you get 1? does it work?

Please help me, I desperately need to get out of this D3D **** with Diablo 2...


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Posted - 17/11/2003 :  14:41:37  Show Profile  Visit Voodoo2Powah's Homepage  Send Voodoo2Powah an ICQ Message  Reply with Quote
I can't even get it to work in Windows 98 with the original drivers provided by Creative Labs!!!
I can't understand why the **** it doesnt even workj with them.... 3 years ago it worked just fine...
Is it a problem with the rest of my system setup that makes all those drivers not work?
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Posted - 17/11/2003 :  18:19:26  Show Profile  Visit procerus's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I would guess that the card is fried. Have you always stored it properly and taken ESD precautions when handling it?

Can you try it in another system?

AFAIK a Voodoo2 will work under Windows 98 in nearly any machine. There were some difficulties with 133fsb speeds. But mine works here on a double 400fsb perfectly.

Sorry not to be more help. If the card fails to work in another system you can pick another one up pretty cheap on eBay.
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