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 3dfx Hardware & Software
 Voodoo2 Setup and tweaking
 Voodoo2 on XP Glide problem
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Posted - 14/11/2003 :  15:16:01  Show Profile  Visit Voodoo2Powah's Homepage  Send Voodoo2Powah an ICQ Message  Reply with Quote
Hi, I am a happy owner of a Creative Labs 3D blaster Voodoo 2 12Mb.
I own it for about 5 years...
I am really dissapointed that 3Dfx closed :(( but anyway, thats not the point of my first thread here...

Well, back then I had a Pentium 233 MMX....
Now I own the following system :
Abit NF7-S
AthlonXP 2500+ overclocked to 2200MHz (11x200)
1Gb Kingston HyperX 2-2-2-5 400MHz
Sapphire Radeon 9700 pro

Well, the 9700 pro is obviously far better than the Voodoo2 ....do you might be wondering why I am taking the time to deal with a 5 year old card...
The answer is simple.... I am a big Diablo2 fan, I 've been playing it for 3 years+ now... and I just thought I could take advantage of its glide version to have better results...both in quality and in speed...
I know its unbelievable, but this game drops to low FPS at crowded moments even on my Radeon 9700pro....and I think thats because its not optimised at all for it...

If I can use my Voodoo2 card I will both get the superior glide quality and possibly a same/better FPS behaviour...plus I will be using my favourite piece of hardware I ever bought....the Voodoo2...

So today I searched the net for some WinXP drivers... after several attempts with 3-4 different drivers I ended up with your FastVoodoo2_3.5_XP .Installation went ok. When windows load i get this error message :
"Error in 3dfxv2ps.dll Missing entry:UpdateRegSettings" from program RUNDLL. I get this everytime windows load of course...

I press OK anyway, and things seem fine, the card is recognised by the device manager, and the display tab 3dfx voodoo2 seems to work fine...
So I move on to try some glide games :
First I try Diablo2 which has a Video test that tests your hardware and lets you choose display device... While the tests finished correctly i get no option for Glide... just the 2D and 3D with my radeon...
I read your forums and I find a sticky about V2 and Diablo2 , that says maybe try using older glide3 ....so i replace the file with an older one and i run teh video test again. This time it stops at glide testing and returns an error :
"Mapmem returned an error trying to map memory" .
After this the system doesnt crash, but the screen becomes corrupted, and unsusable...I can go to my computer, to start etc, but cant see much so I restart...

Then I try to run NFS3 that also has glide support. I choose the voodoo2 from the 3d setup program it has, and I run it.....voiala....same error (mapmem...etc). Screen blurred again....

Can you help me fix this plz? I really want to use my V2 card and play some older glide games....mostly Diablo2 and NFS3...

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Posted - 14/11/2003 :  20:22:23  Show Profile  Visit Glide's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Hi Voodoo2Powah,

welcome here.

Set up "AGP Aperture Size" to 64 in system bios. Then try a GLide game like NFS3. Diablo II is not supported at this moment. You continue to use FV2 3.5 XP: if problem at boot time regarding 3dfxv2ps occurs again please go back to FV2 3.0 XP and try some games, always with AGP Aperture Size to 64...

Let me now.

Bye bye

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Posted - 15/11/2003 :  12:41:39  Show Profile  Visit Voodoo2Powah's Homepage  Send Voodoo2Powah an ICQ Message  Reply with Quote
To my surprise AGP aperture size was already set to 64.... so nohting to do :(
I'll go try the 3.0 now, but really there is no point if I cant play Diablo2....

Diablo2 is the only game i currently play on my PC....thats the main reason I wanted the voodoo2...
I wouldnt be hesitant to install win98 too on my PC and boot into them just to play D2....but the disk format currently is NTFS so I cant install them and I am too bored to make a brand new format...but as a last resort I would...
Is there some other drivers I could use to make D2 work on glide in WinXP?
I read this page here which seems pretty much what I want to do, but didnt work....


Well, is there some way to create a FAT 32 partition in my disk without formating so I can install win98?

Lastly, I was thinking, that although D2 will be superior quality with Glide, the 12Mb card wont handle 8 player games... so is there some chance I could use a Voodoo 5 5500 in PCI slot and use it just for D2? and can any of these be found at a low price?
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Posted - 26/12/2003 :  18:51:11  Show Profile  Visit Saunis's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I have same proplem. (Mapmem returned an error trying to map memory)

I have Creative Labs 3d Blaster Voodoo2 8mb (PCI), and trying use it in this new computer.

AMD athlon 2600+
Abit NF7-s 2.0
512mb 400mhz DDR
Gf3 ti200 128mb
Win XP pro

I tryed about 5-8 diffrent drivers, all saying same proplem
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