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 Voodoo4/5 Discussions
 Best configurations for my Voodoo 5 PCI
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Posted - 25/01/2003 :  00:33:58  Show Profile  Visit Darksuite's Homepage  Click to see Darksuite's MSN Messenger address  Reply with Quote

i have a 3dfx voodoo5 pci 5500, i want to know, what are the best configurations for my voodoo5, i running windows xp and amigamerlin 2.5 drivers. My PC:

Motherboard K7AMA alimagic chipset
1.3Gz Duron
128 SD-RAM
Voodoo 5 5500 64MB PCI


Spider Instinct!


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Posted - 25/01/2003 :  03:00:37  Show Profile  Visit ROTOR's Homepage  Reply with Quote

I am ROTOR I am one of those in charge of this section, as your I also have a Voodoo 5 5500 PCI besides another Voodoo 5 5500 AGP, for my the best configuration is:

Global Settings:

AGP Command FIFO: Auto detec
Highest Quality video: Enable
Refresh Optimization: Mode 2
Via Chipset: Performance


3DFilter Quality: Normal.
Alpha Bendding: Sharper.
Auto Mip-Mapping: Enable.
D3D Guardband Clipping: Enable. If Graphic Shortcomings, disable take place.
Anti-Aliasing: 2x, recommended 600 Mhz.
Edge Anti-Aliasing: Enable, Disable if your it schemes it doesn't possess 1Ghz+
Level of Detai Bias: 0 or 0.50.
Maximun buffered Frames: 1 slow PC, 3 quick PC.
Mip-map dithering: Enable.
Rendering Color Depth: Software controler or Force 32 bit.
Speed Settings: faster ( V-Sync Disable ).
Trilinear filtering: disable, enable if your PC it is quite quick.
Triple buffer: disable.
Z-Buffer Optimization: Enable.

OpenGL, Glide:
16 bit Depth Precision: Faster
32 bit Depth Precision: Faster
3d Filter Quality: High
Alfa- Blending: Sharper
Asintropic Filtering: Disable, If your PC it is very quick you can activate it
Anti-Aliasing: 2x, recomandado 600 Mhz.
Edge Anti-Aliasing: Enable, Disable if your PC it doesn't possess 1Ghz+
Force 16 bit texture: disable
Force 3DNOW instructions: Enable if your processor is an AMD at 1GHZ+
Force MMX instructions: Enable. Pentium II or above, or AMD K6 or above
force Voodoo Rush emulation: disable
Glide 32 bit Rendering: Software controler or Force 32 bit.
Glide Guardband Cliping: Disable
Glide refresh rate: the maximum thing that it supports your monitor, I recommend 85 Hz.
Glide triple buffer: disable.
Hidden Surface Removal: Enable, Disable if graphic shortcomings take place.
Legacy texture Compresion: Enable ( Always ).
Level of Detai Bias: 0
Limit Texture Memory: Software Controler.
Maximun Buferes Frames: 1 slow PC, 3 quick PC.
Mip-map dithering: Enable.
OpenGL GuardBand Clipping: disable.
OpenGL Z-Culling: Disable
Speed Settings: faster ( V-Sync Disable ).

For my this it is the best configuration but according to the game it can vary, for old games you can go up the quality to the maximum, for those but modern perhaps you should reduce it.

To optimize your team you could go up the speed of the PCI 1 or 2 MHZ, up to 35 MHZ to optimize this way even but, I have it to 35 MHZ. ATTENTION carries out this operation carefully there am you inform yourself well of that faces you can ruin something but you
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