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 Voodoo 5 keep crashing
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Posted - 28/10/2003 :  20:39:05  Show Profile  Visit Naxe's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Hello everyone,
I have some serious problem with my voodoo 5 agp. My PC freezes after a few seconds or a few minutes in the game. Sometime I can play during one hour without any problem and the following day I have some freeze even under windows . I've tested with success the board in another PC. My computer is a good old Celeron 600 + Asus P2b-f. I've even tried without my soundcard, hd controller and network card but no success. Please, help me I don't know what to do.... Do you think I'll have more success with a voodoo 5 pci ?

Thank for your help,


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Posted - 28/10/2003 :  21:09:45  Show Profile  Visit amp_man's Homepage  Reply with Quote
sounds like a windows problem, the easiest cure is to reinstall windows in this situation. windows eventually gets clogged with crap like spyware and adware, you might try Ad-Aware (I think that links correct), but the most direct fix is, as I said, to reinstall windows. Also, when you do, install Amigamerlin 2.9 for windows 98/ME or Amigamerlin 3.0 for XP. I don't think it's a motherboard problem (somebody might mention this as a potential problem), I have two asus motherboards, a VA6 and a BH6, the BH6 has had my 5500 for about a month without troubles.

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United Kingdom
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Posted - 28/10/2003 :  21:56:50  Show Profile  Visit andrew's Homepage  Click to see andrew's MSN Messenger address  Reply with Quote
Sounds like it is an operating system problem......

What OS do you run??

Also if you have a V5 PCI try that and see if the same thing happens.

Edited by - andrew on 28/10/2003 21:58:39
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NitroX infinity

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Posted - 29/10/2003 :  10:59:29  Show Profile  Visit NitroX infinity's Homepage  Reply with Quote
It could very well be that your PSU (power supply unit) isn't providing enough power. Try another PSU on your system is you can.
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Posted - 29/10/2003 :  18:04:40  Show Profile  Visit Naxe's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I thank you all for your reply. Here's the results of my latest tests:

- fresh windows install (win 98) : same as before --> freeze.
- connect my voodoo 5 on a second psu (200 watts) ---> hmmm freeze, grrrrr.
- start my computer with only one HD, no cdrom,no pci card --> freeze.
--> It looks like that the os and the psu are not faulty.

I have no idea, I have an opportunity to buy a voodoo 5 PCI but will it work ? Good question.... .....

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Posted - 01/11/2003 :  05:37:26  Show Profile  Visit Knuckles's Homepage  Click to see Knuckles's MSN Messenger address  Reply with Quote
Might be your motherboard. It does the same with my V5 PCI, I will just change mobo froma A7V8X (Via Kt400 <- the problem) to a A7N8X Deluxe <- will work correctly (nVidia nForce2)
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Posted - 03/11/2003 :  23:43:20  Show Profile  Visit bloodworm's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I do believe that the old ASUS P2B-f motherboards had a problem with the 3.3 volt power regulator on the board itself that supplies voltage to the AGP port...... I had a couple of them to look after way back when. I think I fixed one of them by just simply tightening the screw and nut holding the TO-220 voltage regulator tight to the board (it was very loose), I think this just helped with heat dissipation out of the IC. Add A small heatsink to the voltage regulator, if it feels hot to the touch while running. If it is too hot to leave your finger on it more than a second, it is too hot to operate without shutting itself down. Also make sure your BIOS is updated and you are running the motherboard in AGP 2x or 1x mode and NOT 4X mode. there MAY be a jumper for this on the board itself..... good luck....

Bloody Mess
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Posted - 06/11/2003 :  17:24:28  Show Profile  Visit Naxe's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Ok, the problem is solved... I've sold the voodoo 5 Agp and I've bought a new voodoo 5 pci... Now everything is working fine, I guess you're right bloodworm my motherboard must have a problem with power regulator and agp port. Thanks for your help.
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Posted - 12/11/2003 :  07:24:50  Show Profile  Visit hanksemenec's Homepage  Reply with Quote
In the future make also sure that the spread spectrum clocking is turned off! The PCI PLLs in VSA100 jitter a lot and spread spectrum is not helping.

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