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Posted - 11/10/2003 :  12:29:29  Show Profile  Visit duocast's Homepage  Reply with Quote
HEY ALL!!! Remember SciTech GLDirect 3.0 from way back in the day, well holy **** they just released a new version of it using the Mesa 5.1 (same stuff that the new Amigamerlin in development will have incorporated) but the thing is you can get this new GLDirect 4.0 right now!

All we need now is someone to get a crack for this software :) er somethin' cuz' the demo works WONDERS I got a few games that not even the current Amigamerlin can run stuff I've had sitting around since I bought it cuz' well it was usless on my poor Voodoo 5 5500 PCI...

I'm so glade to hear that Amigamerlin will incorporate these new developments in OpenGL in there next release but untill then try this...

It worked for me in all my games but I dunno if you might have something that would still be unplayable :(

but hey wouldnt hurt to try :)



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Posted - 11/10/2003 :  12:37:48  Show Profile  Visit duocast's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Oh yeah and Props to my HERO KoolSmokey and his guide on how to make the Unreal Tournament High-Res Textures work with the original Unreal...

I know it's an old guide and it's been around forever but his work on the glide3x and glide2x rules although dunno how much he was (if at all) involved with the release...but I'll be damned if the guy hasnt helped push the 3dfx community to the awsome level it is at now...

although unrelated to topic it was my post so well yeah DEAL WITH IT
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Posted - 13/10/2003 :  05:33:13  Show Profile  Visit Black_Out's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Ehh...dude -- if you want to share program cracks/serial generator this isn't the place, do it somewhere else, becuase you could get these guys into a whole lotta trouble if you post sutff like that on this board, and I doubt they'd appreicate it much.

Wait for the drivers, a lot of us get anxious when they have a new set coming out and can;t wait (myself included)-- but hey are *always* worth waiting for.

"Shop smart.........shop S-MART.....YA GOT THAT?!!"
-Ash from Army of darkness
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Posted - 14/10/2003 :  10:50:11  Show Profile  Visit qrazi's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Black_out: i think it would be good if you took a bit longer reading the post.
"All we need now is someone to get a crack for this software :) er somethin' cuz' the demo works WONDERS"
the remark about the crack is most likely a joke, while the second part of the sentence clearly indicates that there is a demo version (21-day trial actually).
and that makes it a very informative post. you can already check some of those improvements, while amigamerlin works on incorporating them in a proper way into his driver.

ECS K7s5a@ 147 MHz, Athlon XP 1600+@1825+, Voodoo5 5500 @166 MHz
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