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 Games are f***ed up!
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Posted - 07/10/2003 :  18:05:50  Show Profile  Visit mort's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Hello everyone! I'm new on this forum, and I am a little bit noob when it comes to drivers and register and so on. Oh.. and my english is not so well, so I hope you will understand me.

Well I have a Voodoo5 with Win2kPro and I have tried to install many different drivers on this machine and I can't play the newest games that requierd directx9. I open the game and the first thing that happens is that I can't see the movie, then when I come in the gamemenu the text is unreadeble(i cant read the text). One of the game is Jedi Knight: jedi academy.
-Is it something wrong with the driver? -Any sugestion on what drivers I should choose?
-Maby I don't uninstall/install it right. Can some one tell me how to un/install it right?



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Posted - 07/10/2003 :  21:11:43  Show Profile  Visit amp_man's Homepage  Reply with Quote
*Most* directx 9 games are playable, using AmigaMerlin 3.0 for windows XP/2000(download it here:http://www.3dfxzone.it/dir/news/3dfx/amigamerlin3.0.htm), but no drivers to date can fully support directx 9, Amigamerlin 3.0 is the closest so far. that means that games that rely entirely on directx9 or use it for key features may not work. Sometimes, a tool called 3d analyze(http://www.3dfxzone.it/dir/tools/emutnl.htm) can help, and I believe in the case of Jedi Academy, i think it might. Oh, I just found AmigaMerlin's screenshots from this game, so it will run. Maybe Amigamerlin will swing by and tell you how.

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Edited by - amp_man on 14/10/2003 20:55:51
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Posted - 14/10/2003 :  12:57:44  Show Profile  Visit ivoire's Homepage  Reply with Quote


I'm on Win98, and I can run Jedi II, go to this page for information how to..:)

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Posted - 14/10/2003 :  13:46:49  Show Profile  Visit Glide's Homepage  Reply with Quote
A good choice for running OpenGL based games with 3dfx hardware is using 3dfx driver + WichedGL. But in some cases the driver only is sufficient...just see here http://www.3dfxzone.it/enboard/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=285 for "STAR WARS JEDI KNIGHT: JEDI ACADEMY" screenshots and hw/sw configuration.

From this page http://www.3dfxzone.it/dir/3dfx/bestsettings/ you can know the optimal Install and Setup procedures for Amigamerlin 3.0 driver (suggested..) and remember that your Voodoo5 have not DX8/9 hardware support so it cannot have full compatibility or very, very nice performance with the latest games.

Let us know

- ivoire, amp_man

Tnx guys for your suggestions

Bye bye

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Posted - 16/10/2003 :  13:35:00  Show Profile  Visit qrazi's Homepage  Reply with Quote
using the original GlideXP drivers instead of the ones supllied with Amigamerlin or Voodoolizer helped me out lots of times too... worth a shot.

ECS K7s5a@ 147 MHz, Athlon XP 1600+@1825+, Voodoo5 5500 @166 MHz
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