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 Voodoo Case Project / Case Gallery
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Posted - 08/02/2006 :  19:52:27  Show Profile  Visit m14radu's Homepage  Send m14radu a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote

I'm willing to start building a voodoo/3dfx dedicated computer case.
So far i managed to get for this Project a MicroATX MB from Biostar, a voodoo5, 512Mb RAM, a DVD, 2x HDD each 40 Mb, driven from a XP2200.
The case should look like a Barebone, small, silent and of course the Voodoo card should be good visible.
I'm greatfull for any Ideas and sugesstion.
Please post you Voodoo Case pics here.


Follow your dreams !

Sir Golitech


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Posted - 10/02/2006 :  05:04:48  Show Profile  Visit Sir Golitech's Homepage  Send Sir Golitech an ICQ Message  Click to see Sir Golitech's MSN Messenger address  Reply with Quote
I can't remember where I saw it, but some guy had done the same thing. The side of the case had a large 3DFX logo window on the side, looked pretty sweet. I'll have to have a look for it.

One suggestion would be to light the case with the colors of 3DFX. Either combo colors or one specific color. Also if you know of someone in the industry of laser or water cutting, you should get them to make an 80mm or 120mm fan grill with the 3DFX logo.

I have also found with my case modding experience that a black case makes for a great pallet for all kinds of colors, and they stand out more, providing the black coatings are done right. If you really want to do a great paint job, primer, primer, primer, I can't stress enough that primer makes for a great base and even fills in small minor defect and scratches.

g/l and happy moddin'

AMD64 3200 Venice 2GHz OC'd 2.7 w/ XP-120 / PCMark02: 8902
OCZ 2X512MB Platinum PC3200 REV.2 / PCMark02: 12072
Sapphire 9800 256MB w/ Artic Silencer & Copper sinks / 3DMark01: 16390
WD 7200 80GB/8MB cache--OCZ Powerstream 520W--ABIT AV8--XP Pro (SP2)--DX9.0c
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Posted - 31/10/2006 :  07:15:11  Show Profile  Visit princess's Homepage  Send princess an AOL message  Reply with Quote
you get anywhere with this radu?

google "3dfx applique" and you'll find the link to the guy who made his server box to show off.

i'm in the process of one now. waiting on the board to arrive, and then it is paint time.

i'll post when i'm finished.
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Posted - 23/01/2007 :  06:12:04  Show Profile  Visit princess's Homepage  Send princess an AOL message  Reply with Quote
ok, so i'm not really finished, but i got the case done except the front panel. the sliding door on the front is making things difficult, i might have to switch it for one without the sliding panel. anyway, i thought i'l post what i have done, since i'm at a standstill and those seem to last forever with my cases.

Edited by - princess on 23/01/2007 06:13:32
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Posted - 26/04/2008 :  03:37:25  Show Profile  Visit alex.turovsky's Homepage  Send alex.turovsky an ICQ Message  Reply with Quote
any progress on any of the projects here ?

“He who controls the past commands the future. He who commands the future conquers the past”. Kane, Red Alert 1 1996
- Journalist of the Israeli PC Plus magazine.
- Personnel and Hardware forum admin in EDS Israel unit.
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Posted - 28/10/2008 :  23:23:04  Show Profile  Visit princess's Homepage  Send princess an AOL message  Reply with Quote
haha, nope. i predicted it: a standstill that last forever. mine still site without the front panel finished. the system inside is fully functional, but it's just sitting in a box. i lost my job and am now moving to Long Island, so it'll be in storage for a while.

never finished the UT2K4 case mod either, it's just sitting there waiting for my lazy ass to send it out for paint.
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