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 3dfx Hardware & Software
 Voodoo4/5 Setup and tweaking
 Voodoo5 modded with DDR: anyone has tried it?
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Kreshna Aryaguna Nurzaman

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Posted - 13/12/2005 :  09:43:09  Show Profile  Visit Kreshna Aryaguna Nurzaman's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Well, I wonder if Voodoo5 RAM chips can be replaced with DDR ones. My questions are:

(1) Does Voodoo5 support DDR "out of the box"? I mean, if we replace the RAM with DDR, will the Voodoo5 directly take advantage of the DDR? Or we need to modify the BIOS and such in order to make the Voodoo5 works properly with DDR?

(2) What type of DDR RAM chips can be put on Voodoo5? I mean, if we contact RAM manufacturers to buy such chip, what specification we should give them? ("I want to buy this XXXX type of RAM....", etc)

(3) If we take a look at this article at techreport, Voodoo5 actually beats GeForce DDR in fill rate test (3DMark 2000), both in single-texturing and multi-texturing. It should be noted that GeForce DDR uses DDR RAM, while Voodoo5 only uses SDR. So what if the Voodoo5 is modded with DDR? Will it be faster than GeForce 2?

(4) Has anyone ever tried to replace the Voodoo5 RAM with DDR? And what is the result? Is there any significant increase in performance?


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Posted - 14/12/2005 :  00:40:38  Show Profile  Visit Chosen_One's Homepage  Reply with Quote
vsa-100 chips cannot use DDR-ram
only vsa-101 gpus can use it ;) and i guess if you get one of the rare v5 5500 with vsa-101 it will not function coz the card was build for SD-ram...or is this point not true?
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Posted - 15/12/2005 :  17:27:59  Show Profile  Visit Rolo01's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Rumour has it that VSA100 actually HAD a DDR controller, but it was faulty and therefore disabled. Anyway, you cannot use DD-Ram with a Vsa100 card.
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Posted - 16/12/2005 :  01:06:49  Show Profile  Visit hanksemenec's Homepage  Reply with Quote
VSA100 never had support for DDR. The signals required for DDR do not exist on the silicon.

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Posted - 16/12/2005 :  09:46:53  Show Profile  Visit Rolo01's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Ok, I see.
Thanks Hank for clearing this up.
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