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 3dfx Hardware & Software
 Voodoo3 and Velocity Setup and tweaking
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Posted - 27/07/2003 :  05:39:41  Show Profile  Visit Soulblighter's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Hi everyone! It's my first post here but i've been in the back stage for some time now...
First, i must say a very big THANK YOU to all the people still supporting the Voodoo series.

Now.. back to buisness.

I have a V3 3500 in windows xp... i don't really use the TV ou/in that much, so i don't really bother if it is working or not...

My problem/doubts really begins when it comes to games.
1st is anyone able to run Delta Force - Black Hawk Down with a V3? if yes, how? which driver set, which windows are you running, etc etc.

2nd i've seen something that i can't explain but that happens. We know the V3 only supports 256x256 texture size, right? But when i play Black & White, in the main screen, the one that show with the logo from Leonhead Studios, some times i'm able to actually read the text on the bottom of the screen... some times o can't because the image is tu blurry to find any latter in the there...
Is it possible that some bug is making the v3 being able of 512x512 text? (i'm using Amiga's 2.5SE)

3rd I've read that a set of drivers by Mikepedo is able of 512x512 and Ogl 1.3. is it true? i can't switch back to windows 98 to try them, but after looking to the driver set, i saw the same files that exist in an ancient set put together by the Xpentor team (which didn't support neither ogl 1.3 nor Nvidia Dot3 Bump Mapping)

4rd When can we expect amigamerlin 3.0?? :)

Last but not Least, HI to everyone!

P.S. Sorry for such a big post

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Posted - 27/07/2003 :  11:35:27  Show Profile  Visit Glide's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Hi Soulblighter,

welcome in this forum as active member , let's hope to do useful things together.

- Goodo results with 3dfx Voodoo3 3500 from general gamees compatibility, TV out management, video signal capturing point of view are possible with AmigaSport driver kit (an "Amigamerlin" version V3 3500 dedicated).

- Delta Force - Black Hawk Down: i have no this game o demo but beta testers say me that it require 3D-Analyze to run w/out hw TnL.

- 512x512 and Ogl 1.3 for Mikepedo latest release is false, sorry

- Drivers are ready...but they must be filed a little still.

Bye bye

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Posted - 28/07/2003 :  08:16:15  Show Profile  Visit Soulblighter's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Hi Glide

As i though, 512 textures and Ogl 1.3 are fake...

As to DF BHD, the game tells me it need an hig resolution Z-Buffer to run in 16-bit color mode. I don't know if the voodoo3 has a 16-bit z-buffer in 16-bit color, or a 32-bit z-buffer in 16-bit color.

3d analyze didn't work... i tried the last version i think.

Do the AmigaSport provide as much support as the Amigamerlin 2.5SE?

Thanks for replying
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Posted - 01/08/2003 :  12:00:22  Show Profile  Visit Mike80's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Hi Guys,

I'm having the same problem with Black Hawk Down,all my previous delta force games worked...i too have heard about Voodoo 3000 (and riva TNT cards too) running BHD,but not such luck here,not in Win ME with certified drivers neither in XP now under Amigamerlin 2.5 SE drivers....so i would really apreciate some help...all my squad buddys are playing BHD and i can´t join them...damn!! lol

Oh...my system : a Pentium 3 ,450 Mhz ,512 Mb SDRam ,two 20 Gb HD's ,a samsung DVD player ,a HP 9100 CD-RW ,a Voodoo 3 3000 16 Mb video card ,a SB live 1024 sound card...and a few more things not important...just for a quick idea...

p.s.-um abraço aqui pró companheiro portuga q como eu ainda tem uma voodoozita pra safar...eheheh...o mais certo é termos de investir numa GForce ou numa ATI...enfim...

Edited by - Mike80 on 01/08/2003 12:19:39
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