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 Help building a Voodoo 2 SLI system...
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Posted - 24/02/2012 :  00:35:09  Show Profile  Visit manno32's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Hi everyone,

First post here so please be kind. I'm a member on quite a few forums so I do know how they work. Especially when it comes to newcomers asking obvious broad questions that have either been asked a hundred times already or that have no definitive answer....

Having said that..... Here goes!!

Ive just found a heap of old 90's games and am looking at building a windows 95/dos pc. Of all the games the highest requirements is a P MMX200. I did a quick search and this was the best "advice" I found :

"voodoo Graphics or voodoo rush or voodoo 2
a good socket 7 motherboard
pentium 1 mmx 200mhz or a amdk7 200mhz
64 to 128 megabytes edo or pc-100 ram
sound blaster awe 16/32/64
about a 10 gigabyte ide hard drive
windows 95 or 98
a 16x speed cd-rom drive"

Parts I have so far are a creative SB 16 ISA card, 2 creative 3D blaster 12MB PCI cards and an old P75 computer...So....

1- Is it unlikely that a board running a P75 will accept a MMX200 chip?

2- What would be the minimum CPU speed that would be able to get the full usage from 2 voodoo 2 12MB cards running in SLI mode?

3 - If I was to build a Pentium 200MMX system from scratch, what components would you suggest to complete the system using the cards I have. (specific brands recommended as well)

Thanks for any and all help I get. Again I will appologise if I've asked a question that you are all sick of answering but I am getting sick of staring at 20 old games that I can't play!!


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Posted - 01/04/2012 :  17:34:09  Show Profile  Visit Glide's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Hi manno32,

you're welcome here.

Regarding your questions, I say you that the support of Intel Pentium 200 MMX processor with a P75 system is possible, but it depends on which motherboard, chipset and bios revision are you using...

Then, the Voodoo2 single and Voodoo2 SLI based graphics subsystems work fine with a Intel Pentium III and Pentium 4 cpus...however a cpu Pentium 200 MMX can work with V2 SLI. It's optimal for very, very old games, while with more complex game you must reduce the video resolution because the processor is a bottleneck for the full chain.

You can add to the chip Pentium 200 MMX 64MB or 128MB of memory EDO RAM, a Matrox primary video card on PCI slot, and a fast hard drive.

Of course, the key component is the motherboard: I suggest to get a model based on chipset Intel 430VX ;).

Bye bye

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