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 Voodoo 2 With Voodoo 3 Problems
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Posted - 25/03/2005 :  06:39:58  Show Profile  Visit XDS's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Hi ya all, this is my first post, so the regular here:

ok, so i got my P3 450 (Mobo Intel 440BX, Hell Yeah!) Running, And i was searching for my old comp stuff, so i got my Voodoo 3 AGP and my Diamond Monster 3D 12MB (Silicon magic 100MHZ ) ok so i installed Win Xp put Service pack 2 (got 256mb in ram) and installed my audio drivers and Boom Searching the net i found the voodoo 3 xp drivers, im sorry but i found this site after installing the Voodoo 3 drivers (so i got the sfft drivers from guru3d.com) ok every thing fine here.
Now all i needed to install is the voodoo 2 drivers. OK i found this site, so i downloaded the FastVoodoo2 XP 4 GE drivers and when i was installing, it asked about overwriting a file, so i did...i know it was maybe the voodoo 3 drivers that i over writed, but i said
´´well who cares, ill try them anyway´´, and bam i cant get counter strike to work now (it worked before i put the voodoo2 drivers)

ok so i got these questions.

1.- is it good to use Voodoo 3 and Voodoo 2 at the same time? can it be done?
( i like uhle n64 emu, so i know youre wondering why use voodoo2 wen voodoo 3 is better....but, uhle works best with VOODOO 2, emu64 junkies know this)

2.- or is it the mixed drivers.. i dont want to re format the PC so that´s why im asking?

3.- What do you 3DFX gurus recomend me?

in other words, should i put my tnt2 with voodoo2 or can i just keep the two 3dfx cards without problems? but how?

PS: I just want to be able to play counter strike 1.6 and uhle N64 emulator. (i know theres a wrapper for uhle but nothing beats the voodoo 2 in this).

i really hope to use the two 3dfx cards in the same time

Thank you very much for your time and patience.




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Posted - 25/03/2005 :  11:03:27  Show Profile  Visit Manuelson's Homepage  Reply with Quote
1) is not good..why do this?

3) i'm not a guru but I suggest to replace the voodoo3 with a radeon >7500 or geforce >2..

If you want to get two voodoo in your case, put ona another voodoo2 and make Sli
If you want to get three voodoo in your case, put on a voodoo tv!

Good Luck and Welcome on board..!
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Posted - 25/03/2005 :  11:05:06  Show Profile  Visit benna's Homepage  Reply with Quote
first thing: SFFT driver that you downloaded from guru3d is the best drivers for voodoo3 so you should keep it
second thing: if you have a v3 you can add your v2 but it is useless because v3 is faster and support Glide too
so my hint is to keep only the v3 (i think it is as good as v2 in uhle) and if you want build another pc with tnt2 and v2

my PC:
AMD Athlon64 3200+ - ASUS K8V-Deluxe - 1GB DDR400 - 3DFX Voodoo 5 5500 PCI

3DAnalyze user guide http://www.3dfxzone.it/dir/articles/template.php?id=5
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Posted - 25/03/2005 :  11:51:55  Show Profile  Visit XDS's Homepage  Reply with Quote
thanx, yeah i´ll do that(tnt-voodoo2).. see the thing is that i wanted to run the old games like in the old days...that´s why i dont put faster radeon, nv cards in it..and come on..seeing the 3dfx logo before you play a game on smooth 40-60 FPS like need for speed is the best thing since starbucks on every corner, sigh, i want my kid to see when gaming was good LOL, well i check it out and tried all morning and.. i tell ya guys u cant put the voodoo2 and 3 together, since they put tha same Glide DLL optimized for each card, so if i overwrite the glide DLL for the voodoo3 it messes up the voodoo2 and vice-versa. so no joy there..and well with the tnt2 and voodoo 2 combo ill have the best of both world without the mess...TNT2 for d3d-opengl and..voodoo2 for glide...just glide. heck maybe ill buy a geforce 256 LOL thanks again..Great Forum and site i must say!
gona format my rig again

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Posted - 30/03/2005 :  20:54:19  Show Profile  Visit ArchAngelCD's Homepage  Send ArchAngelCD an ICQ Message  Reply with Quote
I agree, there's no reason to run a Voodoo3 and Voodoo2 in the same system. My most stable and favorite system was my Asus P3B-F (i440BX) motherboard with a Diamond Viper 770 Ultra AGP and 2 Diamond 3D II 12Mb Voodoo2 cards in SLI. Those were the days!!!!


Asus P4P800 i865PE | Intel 3.2 GHz P4C | 2048 Mb Kingston PC3200 Dual Channel DDR SRAM | 160 Gb Western Digital SATA HD | NEC ND-3520 16X DVD-RW | WinXP Pro SP2 | ATI Radeon X850 Pro | 6-channel AD1985 audio CODEC | 3Com 3C940 Gigabit LAN | Diamond Monster 3D II 24Mb SLI
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