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 Voodoo3 and Velocity Discussions
 Voodoo3 3000 PCI + SLI?
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Posted - 18/02/2005 :  00:18:32  Show Profile  Visit Sanek's Homepage  Send Sanek an AOL message  Send Sanek an ICQ Message  Click to see Sanek's MSN Messenger address  Send Sanek a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
I've read somewhere that voodoo3's are based on voodoo2's - in fact they are 2 voodoo2's with a faster memory, connected in SLI.

I'm wondering... can I use 2 voodoo3's in SLI mode? Theoretically (don't mind the drivers)? Practically?

Please note: I'm talking about Voodoo3 3000 PCI 16MB

And just as a curiousity question... I know that quantum 3D series use up to ( 8 ? ) voodoo2's connected in SLI, in theory, can you connect 20 of them in SLI, just as long as you have enough power ?

Intel Celeron 433 MHz
128MB + 32MB RAM
40GB + 5.5GB HDD
ATI Rage IIc (poor D3D and OpenGL performance)
Dimond Monster 3D II 8MB 3D-Accelerator
Win2K Pro SP4 + Aston Shell 1.9.0
RedHat Linux 7.5
DirectX 8.1 (Win98)
FastVoodoo2 4.6 Driver Set
DirectX 9.0b (Win2K)
FastVoodoo2 4.0XP GE Driver Set

NitroX infinity

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Posted - 18/02/2005 :  10:19:24  Show Profile  Visit NitroX infinity's Homepage  Reply with Quote
First off all, Quantum3D used so called 'bridge chips' to enable SLI with more than two chips. A normal Voodoo can therefor never run SLI with more than two graphic cores. (The V5 6000 also has a 'bridge chip')

The most chips they ever ran in SLI was 32 in the AAlchemy system which uses 4 boards with 8 VSA-100 chips per board.

Second, How would you run a V3 in SLI? There is no connector on the board for it.

As for the V3 just being an upgraded version of the V2;
Each Voodoo is an upgrade of the previous; thus they all support SLI.
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Posted - 18/02/2005 :  14:10:41  Show Profile  Visit Rolo01's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Not sure about the Banshee, this could be the only 3dfx core that was not built in SLI, maybe it was not able to.
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Posted - 19/02/2005 :  05:23:53  Show Profile  Visit gdonovan's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by Phalanx

The most chips they ever ran in SLI was 32 in the AAlchemy system which uses 4 boards with 8 VSA-100 chips per board.

Even then I have to politely point out, that each Aalchemy board renders to a seprate monitor.
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Posted - 19/02/2005 :  16:08:59  Show Profile  Visit hanksemenec's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Dual AAlchemy board renders to 1 monitor. They are in 16 chip SLI. The boards are linked together.

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Posted - 20/02/2005 :  14:56:11  Show Profile  Visit gdonovan's Homepage  Reply with Quote

Most excellent, thanks Hank! I must have missed that in the AAlchemy manuals.

Edited by - gdonovan on 20/02/2005 15:20:50
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