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 V5 5500PCI Problem
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The Voodoo


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Posted - 12/11/2004 :  05:58:19  Show Profile  Visit The Voodoo's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Hey Guys. I'm over from the x-3dfx community. I have a question about my V5 which I just installed due to a 9700 pro problem (RMA).

Ok.. here's the problem. My desktop and Glide I have.. I dont know how to desribe it.. but its like a miniture Grate over the entire screen. You can't really see it unless your up fairly close (sitting position).. but it really looks like crap. You can especially tell when you turn your screen brightness up. http://reviews.macnn.com/reviews/radeonvoodoo5/q3a.jpg kinda shows what I see.. well provided that I'm seeing that picture properly.

I used Unreal Tourny 99 to test which API's have the problem.. but its only in glide. Opengl and D3d are fine both in 16bit color and in 32. In fact in d3d Im getting better framerates than Glide..but there are tiny lines across and all the way down the screen in d3d.

My Card is on the hot side.. but arent all V5s??? I popped off the heatsinks on it and cleaned all the glue off and put some nice Artic Silver 3 on. Then I stuck the stock heatsinks and fans back on with my own homemade retainers. Anyways.. some help would be great! I'm using amigamerline's 3.1 R1 drivers.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

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Posted - 07/12/2004 :  13:21:10  Show Profile  Visit Obi-Wan Kenobi's Homepage  Reply with Quote

well you said this :

In fact in d3d Im getting better framerates than Glide

That is quite logic, Glide is way more detailed than 32 Bit D3D or 32Bit OpenGL, so it is no wonder that Glide ofcourse at 16Bit runs slower, then I still even refer that you play in OpenGL instead of D3D :-x

How about trying to put you quake 3 settings to 32 Bit depth color, it looks like you're useing 16 bit OpenGL. If The problem still remains, then you might have a bad working VSA-100 onboard your V5 5500, but I don't think that's the issue.

The link you gave me, ave me the impression of 16 Bit Opengl screens of Q3A in reso 640 x 480 x 16 ofcourse, nothing wrong with them.

If the problem still occurs at 1024 x 768 32 and all settings at max detail and no FSAA , let me also see a screeny at those settings and then we can see if there is a difference or not. ;)

May The Force Be With You..Always.

Ben Kenobi.

Powered By The Force, x-3dfx & The Jedi Academy
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