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 Gaming with 3dfx Voodoo cards
 DOS Glide games
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Posted - 09/02/2010 :  23:44:34  Show Profile  Visit justin's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Hi all,

Today I received my Voodoo5 5500 AGP card. I plugged it in my Windows98SE system and installed the drivers. I played Turok:Dinosaur Hunter in Glide and Direct3D and it worked fine. Don't know about other windows games yet.

However, whenever I try to run a DOS glide game eg;Carmageddon1 my entire PC locks up and I have to reset it. When I play Carmageddon1 in software mode it runs fine. Only seems to have a problem with Hardware accelerated mode.
So, is there a way to fix this?

By the way I'm using Amigamerlin drivers, I have reinstalled Windows and I think I have tried every option in the 3Dfx tools menu.

Motherboard: ASUS Cuv4x
Processor: Intel Pentium 3 ~756 mhz
Videocard: 3Dfx Voodoo5 5500 AGP
PSU: 650watt
SoundCard: Sound Blaster Pro 2.0
Memory: 756 MB SDRAM


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Posted - 09/02/2010 :  23:54:40  Show Profile  Visit ms-dos's Homepage  Reply with Quote
well most dos game need to be run on a voodoo1 and you need to have the dos drivers too. most windows games will run on the 5500 and most dos game that run in glide are for dos and windows. but 5500 will not play very many dos glide games.

p.s. your psu is too big for your pc set up it will wast a lot of prower a 250W psu would be a lot bater in you setup

Note, I'm jade flacon on Vogons.

Edited by - ms-dos on 09/02/2010 23:58:21
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Posted - 10/02/2010 :  00:22:15  Show Profile  Visit justin's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Thanks for the quick respone,

I don't understand how my 1 year older voodoo 3 3500 tv ran them fine. I have done exactly the same with my voodoo 5. Installed all drivers and ran the game.

Isn't there some setting to fix it in 3dfx tools?

And can more people confirm that the voodoo 5 has problems with DOS apps?

Thanks in advance.
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Posted - 10/02/2010 :  00:50:47  Show Profile  Visit ms-dos's Homepage  Reply with Quote
no fix in 3dfx tools that i know of
the voodoo 3 might have a diffident form of glide rendering
the voodoo3's cards are completely a deterrent video caed
have you tried non fan made voodoo5500 drivers the drivers that 3dfx made

Note, I'm jade flacon on Vogons.

Edited by - ms-dos on 10/02/2010 00:51:45
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Posted - 10/02/2010 :  16:30:19  Show Profile  Visit justin's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Yeah I have tried the original WHQL 3Dfx drivers, omega 3dfx drivers and amigamerlin 3dfx drivers. I think ill stick with amigamerlin drivers because it has more options in the 3dfx panel.
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Posted - 13/02/2010 :  00:15:36  Show Profile  Visit justin's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I got it to work by disabling 1 VSA-100 Chip;

Here is what I did,
Start Computer in PURE DOS mode and type the following:


NOTE: You can also do this while in Windows, just type it in the MS-DOS prompt. The next time you reboot you will have standard settings again.

Explaination of the SET variable;

OS: all
HW: VSA100-based cards
Desc: SLI/AA setup
Note: (*) (!) works only at Glide-level?
1, 2, 4 chip cards
"0" - SLI & AA disable
"1" - SLI disabled, 2 sample AA enabled
2, 4 chip cards
"2" - 2-way SLI enabled, AA disabled
"3" - 2-way SLI enabled, 2 sample AA enabled
"4" - SLI disabled, 4 sample AA enabled
4 chip cards
"5" - 4-way SLI enabled, AA disabled
"6" - 4-way SLI enabled, 2 sample AA enabled
"7" - 2-way SLI enabled, 4 sample AA enabled
"8" - SLI disabled, 8 sample AA enabled

While I have tried several options, the only one that worked for me was "0" (SLI & Anti Aliasing disabled)


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Posted - 22/02/2010 :  11:30:13  Show Profile  Visit pierrickuk's Homepage  Reply with Quote

Have been a member a long time, but I don't think I've ever posted here... Anyway, this is good news, I'll try tonight to run Screamer 2 or Screamer Rally on my voodoo5 AGP in dos-mode glide beauty.
I have the feeling I'm in for many reboots into dos mode to try different settings
For now, I've managed to get Screamer Rally running in Glide, but the menus are all messed up and the speedometer is way too big during game, but the game is playable and does not crash. I really want to play Screamer 2 though.

My current 3dfx config:
Celeron 1200
3*256 meg SDRAM
MSI 6309
Vodoo 5 5500 AGP (with one of the 2 components (capacitor?) missing (bottom left on this picture http://www.3dchip.de/Grafikkartenmodds/Grafixmodds/voodoo5-5500wakue.jpg)
Onboard sound
2 hard drives: 120 and 80 gig
1 DVD burner

Multiboot between win98se (for fun), win xp pro sp2 (for more fun), windows seven (was curious, it works) and xubuntu 9.something (to see compiz working on voodoo, still working on it).

My future 3dfx config:
Same as above plus:
- a Voodoo5 5500 pci (mac version) for dual screen (on its way)
- pIII 1400 for mmph (on its way)
- if it works, a Voodoo2 SLI (haven't found any decently priced yet) on some decent "normal" graphic card (probably matrox mystique or millenium).
- if all this works, it will be time to move from PIII to Athlon XP, but first let's see those screamers tonight.

Happy Chinese New Year!

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Posted - 24/02/2010 :  04:51:07  Show Profile  Visit pierrickuk's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Some update:
- disabled 1 chip, sli and aa: game ran as above
- used most of the dos glide settings from some tomb raider bat file to set environment on voodoo5: only the hand of the speedometer remains visible...
In both cases, the 2d menus are still stretched vertically... any idea?
Am at work right now, will try to post the exact settings used later.
Oh, and this on both v5 5500 AGP and PCI (Mac ed. flashed to PC).
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