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 Windows 2000 And XP slow than Normal, Need help!!!
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Posted - 11/08/2004 :  14:59:00  Show Profile  Visit AssBurn2004's Homepage  Send AssBurn2004 an ICQ Message  Click to see AssBurn2004's MSN Messenger address  Reply with Quote
I Have a big problem, a year i think ok so the problem is:
When i install Windows 2000 or XP it seems to behave normal, i mean it works good, no problems, no slow "motion", but when i install my Internet everything is about to be very slow, the games works slower than usually, when i here songs on Winamp 3 software, it has problems, it doing me strange sounds, but when i use Internet on windows 98 everything works great, please help me, i need help, i apricate it very much!!!


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Posted - 11/08/2004 :  15:07:35  Show Profile  Visit AssBurn2004's Homepage  Send AssBurn2004 an ICQ Message  Click to see AssBurn2004's MSN Messenger address  Reply with Quote
Sorry forgot to mention my system info:

Machine name: A8R3J7
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98 (4.10, Build 1998)
Language: English (Regional Setting: Hebrew)
BIOS: Ver 1.63A
Processor: Intel Pentium III, ~499MHz
Memory: 192MB RAM
Page File: 88MB used, 725MB available
Primary File System: n/a
DirectX Version: DirectX 8.1 (
DX Setup Parameters: None
DxDiag Version: 32bit
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Posted - 14/08/2004 :  07:28:48  Show Profile  Visit ArchAngelCD's Homepage  Send ArchAngelCD an ICQ Message  Reply with Quote
Because you have only 192Mb RAM and a 500MHz CPU you are going to have to turn off a lot of the XP features to make it run smoothly. If you can add memory it will help a lot but for now try turning off the firewall within WinXP. WinXP runs "OK" on 256Mb RAM but much better on 512Mb RAM, especially on a 500MHz machine.


Asus P4P800 i865PE | Intel 3.2 GHz P4C | 2048 Mb Kingston PC3200 Dual Channel DDR SRAM | 160 Gb Western Digital SATA HD | NEC ND-3520 16X DVD-RW | WinXP Pro SP2 | ATI Radeon X850 Pro | 6-channel AD1985 audio CODEC | 3Com 3C940 Gigabit LAN | Diamond Monster 3D II 24Mb SLI
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Posted - 01/09/2004 :  20:17:41  Show Profile  Visit youkaizero's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I honestly have no problem with my machine.Ive got all of XPs features set up on it and it works great.Comp Specs

Windows XP Professional Edition.
TOLEDO STONE GX PC DESKTOP(They added the GX in to make it look good.Rofl.)
Intel Pentium 2 488 mghz.
128 DDR Ram
Voodoo 3 3500

Runs most of my games as well.

AMD Athlon 64 3000+
1 gb ddr
Western Digital 80 gig
ATI Radeon x800
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Posted - 02/09/2004 :  04:43:10  Show Profile  Visit Nightbird's Homepage  Send Nightbird a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Intel Pentium 2 488 mghz.
128 DDR Ram


In-ter-ac-tive :
The way video games were always meant to be played

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Posted - 01/07/2005 :  15:55:15  Show Profile  Visit Ibizaner's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Until last year December, I had an AMD K6-2 of 450 Mhz and 256 Mb RAM, and XP ran fine on it, too (wow, MS Windows "running fine" - isn't that a contraditio in terminis? :-p )

AssBurn, what internet connection do you have: broadband or dial-up?
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Posted - 11/09/2005 :  19:18:31  Show Profile  Visit Caravel's Homepage  Reply with Quote
XP runs fine on old K6-2 500MHz 256MB PC100 system.

The problem is never XP it is the people who don't understand XP or how to set it up properly. XP is literally just a newer version of Win2k (Win2k is WinNT 5.0 and WinXP is WinNT 5.1), so those that claim 2k is better are actually ignorant of the facts. If you run XP out of the box on a low end machine it will boot and run very slowly. This is simply because of the networking and security services that are running by default. Disabling most of these (as you'll find that you're not using most of them) will give you a much faster boot time and free up the cpu and memory for other apps. I've heard some people refer to XP as a "kiddie OS". Again this is born out of ignorance. The cartoonish welcome screen, fast user switching and the desktop themes service can be disabled. Which will give you an environment virtually identical to all other Windows OS's, though much more stable and with better performance and hardware support.

For streamlined high speed XP installations try: http://www.nliteos.com/nlite.html

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Posted - 11/09/2005 :  20:25:56  Show Profile  Visit agrelaphon's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Voodoo people, didn't you read that?
but when i install my Internet everything is about to be very slow

I think you get the problems right after you connect to internet, because you're attacked by worm virus (a friend of mine had this problem also)
Make a clean install of XP, and aplly SP2 immidietly after, This should avoid most dangers
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