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 Gaming with 3dfx Voodoo cards
 Star Wars Galaxies
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Posted - 31/07/2004 :  13:55:10  Show Profile  Visit duocast's Homepage  Reply with Quote
k i have a Voodoo 5 5500 PCI 64MB card and i'm using 3D-Analyze 2.31 and 2.34, i've tried this:

1) download and install v2.34 of 3danalyze from www.tommti-systems.com

2) in the directory where swgclient_r.exe is installed (probably c:\program files\starwarsgalaxies\swgclient_r.exe), create a batch file with one line in it - the same target as the desktop shortcut created by the swg installation program. for me, this is:

"c:\program files\sony\station\launchpad\launchpad.exe" /game:starwars

3) launch 3danalyze from wherever you installed it

4) click the 'select' button and choose the batch file you created in the swg directory. you may have to use the drop down at the bottom to make .bat files visible.

5) tick the boxes for 'force sw tnl' and 'emulate hw tnl caps'

6) click 'run'

that's all there is to it. the launcher will start normally and the game will run. i recommend step 7 for a one-click solution:

7) in 3danalyse, click the 'save batch file!' button at the bottom, and put it on your deskop. in the future, all you will need to do is run this batch file, skipping steps 1-6

with no luck then i saw this:

For those of you who want to play Galaxies, but are lacking in hardware graphics acceleration features such as hardware T&L, here is your hope! As is known by many, 3d-Analyze is a very useful program which can enable, disable, and even emulate features for programs utilizing Direct3D and/or OpenGL. "Wow!", you may think. "I don't even have to go buy that expensive card!"... or maybe you're on a laptop (I am, and that's what stimulated me to create a technique) and you can't even upgrade your graphics hardware. Before you get too excited, please note that emulating hardware T&L and forcing software T&L puts more stress on the processor - it must now take on an extra load of geometry. On my laptop (P4 2.4 ghz) I still get a pretty decent framerate (average 22, as high as the cap, 30).
The second problem is that the Galaxies launcher sends vital information to the client which enables you to actually log in. I've created a program to work around this, but it does take a little extra work to run the game. First, create a new folder in your Galaxies folder. The name is not really important. I call mine "Patch". Now, download my program from http://bearsoft.0catch.com/SwgClient_r.exe, and save it to this folder. Note that the name of the program is identical to the name of the actual Galaxies client executable. You may also (aka will probably) need to download the Microsoft Visual Basic Virtual Machine DLL (from http://bearsoft.0catch.com/msvbvm60.dll). Place it in your "Patch" folder. Finally, you need to download 3d-Analyze from http://www.tommti-systems.de. You can put the installation anywhere you want, but I've had some trouble when placing it in the Galaxies folder or in a sub-directory of it.
Here's the tricky part. Run the launcher as normal, and log in with your Station ID and wait for the updater to complete its task. The "PLAY" button should now be present. Open Windows Explorer or whatever file manager you normally use. Browse to your Galaxies folder (typically C:\Program Files\StarWarsGalaxies) and rename the file "SwgClient_r.exe" to "SwgClient_rZ.exe". This is the real client. Now we insert our dummy. Copy or move the "SwgClient_r.exe" from the "Patch" folder to the root Star Wars Galaxies folder. Switch back over to the Galaxies launcher and hit "PLAY". Ideally, nothing will appear to happen. If the dummy client has done its job, you should be able to see file called "patch.bat" in your Galaxies folder. Now open 3d-Analyze. Apply any needed settings using the 3d-Analyze interface. Select that "patch.bat" file as the program or batch file to run. Click run now and everything should be gravy! You may have to play around with the 3d-Analyze options until the game runs, but that's the easy part.
Before using this work-around again, make sure to move the dummy back to the "Patch" folder, and rename the real client back to "SwgClient_r.exe". So that's it! Not too tough, right? Surely worth the effort If you need any further help with this, feel free to email me at ZoriahX@Comcast.net

- Brandyn Sorrells
Zoriah X-Bear in-game (Bria)

well his file is down so no luck here either...

ANYWAY (breaths heavy sigh) i want to get this game working, any ideas?

"C makes it easy to shoot yourself in the foot; C++ makes it harder, but when you do, it blows away your whole leg."
- Bjarne Stroustrup


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Posted - 12/08/2004 :  07:28:56  Show Profile  Visit kerryb42's Homepage  Reply with Quote
i have mine working with my intel graphics card.
Here are the step-by-step instructions.

1. Get 3d-analyze v2.16a

2. Rename your starwarsgalixies folder starwars2

3. Run 3d-analyze 2.16a

4. Select for the exe, your swgclient_r.exe in your starwars2 folder.

5. Select for pre-run exe your launchpad witch is in the sony/station folder.

6. Check the options for force sw tnl, emulate hw tnl caps, and emulate cube maps.

7. Create a new folder in your program files called starwarsgalaxies. Save the batch file in that folder and call it swgclient_r

8. Select Run in 3d-analyze. It should crash with an error. Now run galaxies with the shorcut on your desktop. It should run the game normally.

9. If you have speed issues, try messing arround with the options on the launcher. I have mine working perfectly. You should never have to use 3d-analyze agian. Just run the game normally like you have tnl.

10. Have FUN!!!!
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