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 Gaming with 3dfx Voodoo cards
 Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
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Posted - 08/04/2004 :  03:52:58  Show Profile  Visit Sanek's Homepage  Send Sanek an AOL message  Send Sanek an ICQ Message  Click to see Sanek's MSN Messenger address  Send Sanek a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Min Req:
16MB Video Card
500MB HD

!My specs @ the bottom!

Hi! Just got the game. Takes up around 4 GB for me (DOD, RECOCHET, TFC and DMC are also installed). Looks nice, really nice, although getting 15 fps avg with Mesa, 25 fps avg with WickedGL. You can get more fps at the cost of quality. Use HLToolZ, all posible HL environment variables can be tweaked: Texture size, lightning, models, ANYTHING.

Some other tricks:
Create two files in ..\CZ\cstrike\ folder (same folder where config.cfg is).

I don't know where the offline game files are, so you better put these files in every folder you see file config.cfg

The files contain this:
First file: autoexec.cfg
exec userconfig.cfg

Second file: userconfig.cfg

//Disable blood
violence_ablood 0
violence_hblood 0
//Disable body parts separation when dying by explosion
violence_agibs 0
violence_hgibs 0
//Don't show your bullet shells
max_shells 0
//Don't show smoke from your shooting
max_smokepuffs 0
//Use your system CPU in conjunction with your Video Card's CPU
r_mmx 1
//Enable Z-TRICK - no quality loss, lots of fps gained.
//If experiencing problems, disable this
gl_ztrick 1
//Enable Dithering
gl_dither 1
//Enable precaching, the game will load all the textures before the game starts
precache 1
//The rate at which the game is accessing HDD/Internet (I think, 2000-2500 is best for old computers)
rate 2500
//Disable weather effects
cl_weater 1
//Let the bodies(ded ppl) stay on the ground, big performance hit, so... OFF
cl_corpsestay 0.0
//Online game only: use only two models: GIGN and L33T CREW, big help when a lot of ppl are playing
cl_minmodels 1

1) If values are changed through console, while game is loaded, the changes will take only after you quit the game (go to the main menu, no game loaded at the time).
2) These changes affect CS1.5 and higher.
3) Use HLToolZ for more changes (use built-in profiles). For me, the changes that I listed are enough for around 40-50 fps game with WickedGL @ 640x480 16-bit.
4) To play, place WickedGL opengl32.dll file into ../CZ/, where czero.exe or hl.exe files are.
5) Game looks awesome, compared to CS 1.5 and CS 1.6, I recommend to play offline missions, overall, I rate the game 8/10.

Intel Celeron 433 MHz
128MB + 32MB RAM
40GB + 5.5GB HDD
ATI Rage IIc (poor D3D and OpenGL performance)
Dimond Monster 3D II 8MB 3D-Accelerator
Win2K Pro SP4 + Aston Shell 1.9.0
RedHat Linux 7.5
DirectX 8.1 (Win98)
FastVoodoo2 4.6 Driver Set
DirectX 9.0b (Win2K)
FastVoodoo2 4.0XP GE Driver Set

Edited by - Sanek on 09/04/2004 01:13:48

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Posted - 08/04/2004 :  09:27:09  Show Profile  Visit Glide's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Many, many thanks Sanek!

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