Thanks for the best support I ever had!

Started by Leonardo Da Vinci, 06 February 2008, 17:54:24

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Leonardo Da Vinci

Good day
I don´t know any other manufacturer, like 3dfx, some had a better support after they have gone then before! [8D]
And that will be like this 4ever, I hope.
Thanks for the Drivers: Amigamerlin, koolsmoky, SuperFurryFurryThing , and all other.
Thanks for the V5 6000(I don´t have one) support @ Hank!
Thanks @ All other, who uses Voodoos!
Voodoo 2 24mb sli
voodoo 3 3000 pci & agp
voodoo 5 5500 agp


Leonardo Da Vinci, you are welcome and thanks a lot for your words.

Bye bye