voodoo2 sli

Started by Shukan, 02 January 2004, 22:25:41

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the new drivers do not work!! can not detect sli mode (version 4 gold) although i have found a work round install v2000 drivers first glide version 256**** reboot install second card reboot then come back to
the update driver tab look for the version 4 gold folder where you unzipped to and update driver part way through the update you will find that the version 4 has older files just say NO to  the particular files you will find that the system 32 folder will have the glide 256 file now  go and copy the new glide file to overwrite whaller!  sli mode with new drivers.



Hi Shukan, welcome.

Please specify your OS, Voodoo2 manufacturer, main system cpu and motherboard. And remember that you have to follow installing procedure in FV2 release notes included.



Hi All,

This workaround doesnt seem to work 4 me. I love the drivers(all worked untils now) but the Gold refuses my SLI. Any suggestions?




Finally got it working...had to revert to the original drivers(3dfx) and then do the workaround for me to use the Gold and still maintain SLI. Works like a dream. Thnx.