NEW VERSION of 3D Analyzer

Started by duocast, 20 December 2003, 22:10:04

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Yep new version is 2.31 (build 316)

here are some release notes since 2.26:

v2.3 build (312)
- fixed a problem with AquaMark3 and the Deus Ex "Invisible War" Demo
- major GUI update, more easy to use from now on
- new hook code
- added "force windowed mode" for dx8/dx9
- added "spider-man the movie fix" for the voodoo 5

v2.3a build (313)
- fixed the "Can´t run the aplication because ForceDLL.dll couldn´t been found" error

v2.31 build (316)
- readded Win95/98/ME support, but some app+3DA will only work with winxp (Deus Ex 2 demo, Aquamark3,...)

you can get it at
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Still tnx for contribution :)

Current and older 3D-Analyze packages are available to download here, too.