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Started by ARRAndy, 17 December 2003, 16:10:33

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i hope you can help me. i have many questions.

first: is opengl and glide3 connected?? i mean: when i have an bad glide3 and an opengl is opengl bad too or is that **** what i mean?

second: best glide2 and 3 colourless 1015(1016) i dont know or koolsmokys latest? whats the best?

third: best openGL? which is the best combo of glide and openGL??

please help me understand



anybody can help? please!


Best glide3x and opengl dlls?. Try the new MesaFX ones, they are the best.
Are they connected?.. absolutly.
Best glide2x dll?... the lastest colourless one...

Good luck.
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If you are looking for Glide updates, keep an eye on . It's the official site for Glide started by 3Dfx and still active. You'll find the newest official release which should be the most stable.


Hmm [?]

Can it be that Andy from x3dfxgamers is actually seeking support here ?!?
I must say, the world is full of weird twists and surprises...

I thought you guys were Programmers and Driver Creators yourself, so how could such a basic Question be of interest for x3dfxgamers ?
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