Error 1904.Module

Started by cHicKi, 10 December 2003, 12:30:19

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I install The AmigaSport3.0full under WinXP (CPU Celeron900; RAM 256MB) for 3dfx3 2000PCI
and an this error occured, what can I do with it?



Welcome :)

Please remove previous anofficial driver for V3 and 3dfx Tools by Windows Control Panel ;) then reboot the system and only now begin
AmigaSport install.

Note that driver release note include a procedure to install step by just read that for more details.

Let me know.


1. I have uninstall all of 3dfx* utils :-) and remove all 3dfx* files under c:\windows\..
2. Reboot
3. Install the drivers
4. Reboot
5. Run setup.exe and get no :-( this same ^^ (Error 1904.Module..) I press the Ignore button on any window and reboot
6. Reinstall setup.exe .. (Error 1904.Module)
I have 2 VGA. One is onBoard i cant disabled it  .. The Phoenix BIOS is very "adjustable"
In windowsXP have set the 3dfx primary VGA.
Can u Help me ?


Simply ignore the errors the first time through, then reboot and run the setup again. The errors should disappear, I think.
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Ok i Have now..
I have Disabled the onBoard VGA under Windows. Uninstall V3 Driver. Reboot. Install driver V3. Restart. Run Setup .. Ignore Error Messages. Reboot. Run Setup and tramtadataaam :-)
thanx all [8D]


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