Comparison between Voodoo and WickedGL drivers

Started by Glide, 04 December 2003, 16:56:57

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The next Voodoo2-Windows 2k/XP driver introduces new functions for FastVoodoo2 series. For example it supports Quake3 Arena with both Voodoo driver and default driver, via WickedGL of course.

We are running several tests about it: now I report fps measurements and image quality samples which have get with this system:

- Intel Pentium 4 platform equipped with Intel chip-set (northbridge and southbridge)
- 3dfx Voodoo2 12mb in SLI setup
- MS Windows XP Pro + SP1a + MS DirectX 9b
- FastVoodoo2 4.0 XP Gold Edition beta 5

and Quake 3, without patches or updates.

After selecting Voodoo driver in video menu and using these settings

we have runned Demo01 in benchmark mode and the measured average value of fps is 39.

The related image sample (captured not in demo mode) is

Look this image at full size

Using WickedGL and with this video setup

fps avg value is 44.5 while this is the analog screenshot

Look this image at full size

Shortly, i say that the Voodoo driver for this game (unsupported by previous FastVoodoo2 releases) gives better quality for video output and a little lessening of speed that does not compromise a nice gaming.

WickedGL driver, instead, allows best performance and it's very advisable for multiplayer gamers.