WickedGL and CS

Started by Ree, 28 November 2005, 17:24:47

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Where do I have to put WickedGL dll for CS 1.6? Do I put it into the root dir, or should I put it into root/gldrv? http://www.shifter.sk/helppage/default_fix.htm#voodoosandcs says it should be put into root dir, but, since mesafx is put into root/gldrv, I would like someone to confirm this.

Also should I use ogl_hres.dll or opengl32.dll? I always play using 1024x768 resolution, is that considered high-res?


when I tried CS1.6 last time,putting the opengl32.dll to the gldrv folder did nothing (gldrv is a minigl folder,and CS1.6 doesnt support minigls anymore),I had to place it directly to the counter strike folder.I was always using the standard wickedgl opengl32.dll,the hi-res one is experimental (should improve image quality at the expense of performance as far as I know),and therefore not recommended.

just follow the instructions from the helppage,and you cant get it wrong.there are hours of testing after every small tip that makes it there,I made sure of that.as for CS1.6,you dont want to know how long I had to ask around steam forums just to get a small info about VAC from those idiots over there.the amount of lame answers was almost unbearable..


Thanks ps47, you really helped a lot.