agp fans and bios flashing

Started by ibmp200, 13 October 2005, 17:45:00

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two quesstions here.

1. i want to replace my factory fan on my voodoo4 4500 with a better and quieter one. ive tried lubing it, and there isnt really any change in noise, though it wasnt very noisy to begin with. i would prefer to go with an antec or thermaltake fan, if they make them for agp heatsinks. the one currently on the card says Thremalshield and 20032 on a sticker

2. are there any bios updates for the v4 4500 higher than v1.15? what do they change or add? i dont know the card pcb version, or where to look for it.



1. As you can see stock heatsink and fan for v4 4500 are kinda small so any active cooling will do the job. Bigger fan + lower rpm will reduce noise. For example i made custom heatsink for my v4 and put a fan on it. Heatsink doesn't even come close to warm.

2. afaik no.

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