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Started by MUDASS, 22 August 2005, 15:54:33

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Hi,  I saw some guys with two video cards in one system.  Are you switching your screen port from one card to the other as you need?

Will I gain power to do the same with my V5 5500 agp and my  V3 2000 pci?  Could I use both cards at the same time with two screens to play games or  both cards on the same screen? i.e using the V3 for 2d apps and use all the V5 memory for 3d gaming ? Or both cards for video editing etc...  What's the best gain of two video cards?
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Two Voodoo cards at one time won't work => driver conflicts. But you can use your Voodoo beside your GeForce or Radeon. It has to be a different brand.

And yep, I'm using GF6800 and V5 in one system. You just have to switch between them in Windows and plug the cable to the prefered card :)

Greetings from Germany,
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Ok, I have an Hercules 3D Prophet 4000 32mb also(Kyro2)... Dam not sure if it is pci or agp...  I used it in another pc I got as a "whole", I took a peek inside ounce.  Would this give me some tork with either the V3 or the V5 depending if it's pci or agp?
kickstart - voodoo.5.5500.agp.64mb/voodoo.3.2000.pci.16mb.mobo.asus.p2b-f.p3-450